Mar 9, 2006

Dead Man and Dog Go Unnoticed For Days

Left: RCMP highway patrol officers

(Vancouver, BC) A deceased motorist spent at least three days in his vehicle on the side of a busy Canadian highway, undisturbed by passersby.

Police who checked the car's license plate also failed to realize the elderly man was dead, despite at least three passes and license checks.

The 75-year old man likely became ill and pulled off to the side of highway before he slumped down in his seat and died, said police.

"In light of this incident, we are going to be discussing it with the RCMP and reviewing our own practices to see if there is something we should be doing differently," said Abbotsford Constable Casey Vinet, refering to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. "Obviously, as police we want to be in the position to help people in need as soon as possible."

While Abbotsford police and RCMP highway patrol vehicles spotted the man's vintage yellow El Camino on the shoulder of the road over the weekend and ran its plate through computers, they did not inspect the vehicle.

The small dog was apparently unharmed after the ordeal, and was turned over to family members.


Anonymous said...

Gosh, that's bizarre.

Anonymous said...

That wouldn't happen in Ohio on an Interstate highway. Stop for any period of time and a state trooper will be behind you to see if you need help.


Stephanie said...

" see if there is something we should be doing differently."


historymike said...

Let's hope not, MeMyseldandI.

(laughing at Stephanie's exasperated response)

Yes, "if." Let's see - they have a dead guy sitting on a busy highway for three days, and they MIGHT want to change some procedures?


Anonymous said...

Was the dog hungry?

I shouldn't have gone there, should I..

- barista

Name withheld to protect the guilty said...

He was obviously not slumped over his steering wheel. I was (still am, I guess) a paramedic, and people will always call for someone slumped over the wheel, without even knocking on the glass to see if the person's just asleep. But if the person's leaning back in their seat, they could be dead for days before anyone would call.

historymike said...

Yes, very odd story (I love the weird tales!)

If the man was upright, you would think at least one of the officers would have stopped.

I am guessing that he fell to the seat or floor.

And anonymous - ick. I don't want to think about that.

It reminds me of a scene from the Stephen King novel Gerald's Game.

Stephanie said...

They ran his plate through several'd think somebody would have noticed that the car hadn't moved. You'd think somebody might have worried, just a little bit more.

Hooda Thunkit said...

Elderly abuse.


Anonymous said...

He was slumped down sideways and out of view from anyone driving by. As well, the car was well over on a wide shoulder, so unless someone stopped, and walked over to where the car was, they would not have been able to notice a person, or animal in the car. The car plates were ran by the police on 3 seperate occasions and found not to be reported stolen, as well, no one reported the man as missing. I personally drove by the car a few times myself and thought nothing of it, other than "lucky guy, he hasn't gotten a ticket yet". If I'd have at all thought someone was in the car, I would have either stopped, or more likely, gotten help, as would most people who drove by.
Most people do not stop when they see an abandoned car on the side of a freeway, for personal safety reasons.
The police didn't ticket the car because it was well off the road, not reported stolen and found on a weekend. I don't believe their procedures were wrong, I believe they were trying to cut a guy a break who's car had broken down on the freeway on a weekend. It's a very unfortunate thing that happened, but I don't believe that "blame" can be, or should be placed on anyone.
What makes me the most sad is that this man, who has family whom loved him dearly, has now been reduced to " a dead guy sitting on a busy highway" and the story of his death is now refered to as a "weird tale".
What's gotten the world to this?
I believe that any person that feels comfortable sitting back smuggly behind a computer and judging others and cracking jokes about the death of someone rather having compassion for the loss of a life is probably the same sort of person that would probably drive right by someone who was visually in distress.

What happened to -Don't judge others less you be judged yourself....?

Anonymous said...

to update you on this matter.the man that died was my father-inlaw.he was the only one left in my husbands family.we still cant believe what happened and that hes gone,i hope this never happens again.we have been in alot of pain and are trying to heal and get our life back to normal.sable the dog that we had given him and was there in his final hours is doing good.they say the rcmp always get their man dead or alive in this case it was 4 days later and no thanxs to them.we still have the el the way any way you look at this the rcmp are at fault for not tagging the car.theres no excuse for them not stopping ,after all they had 4 days to do it and still didnt do long was he going to sit there before they found him,because it took someone wanting to buy the car to find him.abby police and the rcmp knew the car was there and did nothing.they got phone calls too about the car being there,they drove right by it for 4 days ,so does any body patrol our highways?.it is also sad that for 4 days people didnt stop to check.we meet the man who found him and thanked him for finding him.its sad what a humans life is worth nothing.once again we thank the man who found him.thank you d.b and it wasnt a wide shoulder.we live in alberta and we tried to get a hold of him and we had famnily members and friends and the abby police checking on him when we couldnt get a hold him.the day he died my girlfriend and her husband went to hes house to check on him for me and the car was yes it was very hard to deal with hes death. we miss him and love him.he would get mad at us for sending the police to hes door.when we coludnt get a hold of him.this what he would say to us,stop doing that if iam dead youll know it.thoose words come back to bite us in the butt!i can also tell you what he would have to say about this.JUDAS PREIST THEY CANT STOP AND CHECK 4 DAYS OF DRIVING BY AND NOTHING WAS DONE.NO EXCUSES FOR THAT.HE WOULD SAY THAT WHEN HE DIES THAT HE WANTED TO BE BURIED IN THAT CAR .WELL HE GOT HALF OF HIS WISH.