Mar 21, 2006

Great Site - "One Red Paperclip"


Kyle MacDonald began making a series of trades last year with the ultimate goal of getting a house.

He began on July 12th, 2005 with one red paperclip (hence the blog name). MacDonald, through shrewd and timely exchanges, recently traded a cube van for a recording contract.

Incredible! I suspect that the fun promotion will ultimately pan out for Kyle MacDonald.

Grand fun reading the various trades and offers that MacDonald has entertained over the past eight months.


Michael said...

What a cool, neat idea. Wonder if I started out with more than one red paperclip, what I could I eventually get?
Let me see . . . what would you give me for a glass mug that proclaims Toledo as the "Glass Capital of the World"?


Stephanie said...

Interesting concept. I think I'd have to have gotten in under the "red paper clip" era to have been at all useful, though.

historymike said...

OK - I'll give you a kid's bike. Got too many of those right now.