Mar 10, 2006

How Common Is Your Name?

(Toledo, OH) While aimlessly drifting on the Internet I found an interesting site that ranks the popularity of first and last names.

Name Statistics allows you to find out the relative rankings of your names, and also provides an estimate of how many other people in the US share the same name as you.

"Michael" is the #4 most common male name, while only the #799th most common female name. "Brooks" is the #73 most common last name, and approximately 257,500 US last names are "Brooks." This translates into 0.103% of the US population - at least, the percentage of the US population that uses last names, unlike Cher, Madonna, and Prince.

Have fun with this site for mostly-useless trivia.


Anonymous said...

Too funny. My names (still anonymous) are #335 and #465, respectively.
By the way - you seem to be in a groove, Mike. I almost can't keep up with you because you're writing them as fast as I can read them!

Lisa Renee said...

Lisa is #11 Ward is #66


naladahc said...

My first name doesn't even warrant a ranking just a "very rare male name" comment.

And with my last name coming in at #30220 I'm practically non-existent.


Thanks for the link!

Mr. Schwartz said...

Census bureau also has a very long list

KraZyKaT said...

first mane is #1...No Suprise.
Last name is #2713...

Well I guess I just blew my anonimity. Oh well it was just a matter of time.