Mar 8, 2006

Lansing Group Says Neo-Nazis Stirring Up Trouble In Michigan

Left: Two dozen members of the NSM rally in Toledo on October 15; photo by historymike

(East Lansing, MI) A memorandum from a group calling itself the Lansing Coalition Against Nazis (LCAN) reports neo-Nazi activity in the Okemos, East Lansing, and Lansing areas yesterday, ostensibly to drum up support for a planned rally on April 22 in Lansing.

The author of the memo said that members of the National Socialist Movement (NSM) were "were observed in the Okemos Denny’s intimidating people in the restaurant" and "giving the Heil Hitler salute" in the parking lot of the restaurant.

LCAN proposes to hold a series of public forums to "to stand up and address the neo-Nazi threat and the atmosphere of racial violence that they are trying to create." The group believes it can build a "popular movement that brings our communities together and builds a culture of diversity and solidarity."

The first scheduled public forum is set for March 16.

Addendum: Another email pointed me to a news report from Lansing News 6, WLNS. The station reports that, after the Denny's Sieg Heils, approximately 10 neo-Nazis "walked down Grand River putting up signs, signs that advertise a historic event at the State Capitol."


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Get a life Mikey....Geez!

historymike said...

An emailer pointed out that Bill White posted about this mini-fracas after NIM Busters linked to this piece.

I thought Mr. White was the "spokesman" of the NSM. Is he being left out of the loop?

Unit 9 said...

Bill White runs the NSM. Did you read his piece where he says HE THREW someone out of the NSM?

historymike said...

It seems as thought there is a power struggle of sorts, unit 9.

With Bill White, as you likely know, everything he says must be taken with a grain of salt.