Mar 14, 2006

Lansing Mayor Plans Counter Rally To Nazis

Left: Two dozen members of the NSM rally in Toledo on October 15; photo by historymike

(Lansing, MI) In response to the planned National Socialist Movement (NSM) rally on the state capitol steps on April 22, Lansing Mayor Bernero is launching a community-wide effort to counter the neo-Nazi rally.

The mayor will be announcing the details of the "Win the Day-Stay Away" rally at a press conference tomorrow, March 15th at 1:00 PM in the lobby of Lansing city hall.

By holding a separate "Win the Day-Stay Away" rally, Mayor Bernero wants to encourage a positive, responsible reaction and reduce the possibility of violence from occurring.

Similar efforts in Toledo were unsuccessful on October 15, although placing the alternative rally less than a mile from the neo-Nazis was, in hindsight, probably a tactical error. It was a quick jog down Central Avenue to the rally-turned-riot zone.

Efforts to encourage people to stay away in December at the second Toledo rally - aided by a strictly-enforced court order - proved more fruitful. Counter-demonstrators, at least those not jailed, numbered about 100.


Anonymous said...

Ignore the clowns.

historymike said...

Good advice, if Lansing follows.

Anonymous said...

There are already plans for an actual counter-rally involving anti-racist and anti-fascist groups. The community has also been very receptive to the idea of forcing these Nazis out of the city. The Nazi rally will likely be cancelled.

Stephanie said...

Good luck!

Newsguy said...

Are these among the 34 percent polling support for Bush?

Hooda Thunkit said...

Didn't Mayor Bernero learn anything from Toledo's experience?

History will undoubtedly repeat itself again...

Stefan Schmidt said...

What are they protesting?

Lansing is more or less a White city (well, by the standard of cities today—63% White).

LOL—I remember their protest of the Lenin statue.