Mar 18, 2006

Local Business Profile - Janney's Ace Hardware

(Toledo, OH) I am not a fan of big box retail stores, and I prefer to shop whenever possible at smaller, locally-owned businesses.

In response to a challenge by Lisa Renee at Glass City Jungle, I am nominating Janney's Ace Hardware at Secor and Alexis as my favorite locally-owned business.

I have never been able to stump the knowledgeable staff at Janney's when I have a home repair question. Someone in the store knows exactly what I need to fix a given problem.

Janney's also provides a host of extra services, such as pet licenses, fishing permits, equipment rental, and small engine repair.

Unlike the big chains, you don't need to buy a package of 500 bolts or washers when all you need is one. Take a small plastic bag, mark the quantity and price, and you are out the door.

I inverted the ACE sign above because Janney's used to bill itself as "The Upside-Down Place" until ACE made them stop flipping the logo. The store now has a Janney's sign turned upside down.

Janney's is located at 5761 Secor Road in Toledo, and they can be reached at (419)-473-1403.


Stephanie said...

Very cute! I also prefer our local Ace hardware. They keep saying..."You should be a club member by now!"

-Sepp said...

Beverly hardware is great too. Good old fashioned neighborhood store with good people running it.

KraZyKaT said...

I have always enjoyed shopping for my hardware needs at Fleegers Pro Hardware. The personal service and advice I recieve is always knowledgable and 1st rate. Their prices are resonable and wile slightly higher then what you may expect at a big-box store, are every bit worth the cost in the increased level of service. Besides...THEY GIVE AWAY FREE POPCORN! :)

-Sepp said...

South-enders unite!

Chris Sobieniak said...

Now it's a cruddy drug store I hardly go to. I was rather sad to see it go. I can never step foot into a Lowe's or a Home Depot because I know I'll never get the kind of service that Doug & Co. provided me with.