Mar 13, 2006

Local Events Mark Third Anniversary Of Iraq War


(Toledo, OH) The Campus Anti-War Network at the University of Toledo will mark the third anniversary of the invasion and bombing of Iraq with a peace rally and march this Wednesday, March 15, at 12:30 PM on Centennial Mall.

"Everyone needs to show up and speak out against this war," said spokesperson Aladdin Abouarab. "We have spent $440 billion on this war in Iraq. This money could be used for education and healthcare, and most importantly right now for Hurricane Relief. We need to end the war now."

Abouarab is among dozens of UT students who spent spring break working in the Gulf area, helping to rebuild after Hurricane Katrina.

The event will begin with music and an "open mic speak out." WXUT Radio will broadcast live and provide the music. A walk around the campus - which will pass the ROTC building before moving back to the Mall - will conclude the event. The group notes that "all peace-loving people are invited to participate."

Also on Wednesday, the Toledo Chapter of the National Organization for Women will screen three short films around the topic of women and war. This event will be held at 7:00 PM at People Called Women Bookstore at Cricket West.


Kurt said...

As much as I was against the War in Iraq to begin with, I think it's extraordinarily irresponsible to leave now. If we were to leave now, I fear dire consequences. I think that will only promote a civil war and the growth of terrorism in Iraq. Sure, we shouldn't have started this war, but to pull out now would be disastrous. I hate to see our troops dying over this nonsense, but we need to stablize Iraq, otherwise we will pay with our lives in the long-run. I don't think there's any other solution but to stay the course and hire a new President that knows what he/she's doing.

That said, I'm adamantly against these protests for the reasons stated above.

Stephanie said...

While I understand the war protest (which is different from agreeing with it, other than the right to do so within the law)...the money being spent on the war wouldn't have been spent on education, health care or hurricane relief, it just would never have been borrowed. It's a mistake to claim that the money being spent on the war would have been spent elsewhere. That's not the way our government tends to work.

Hooda Thunkit said...

Stephanie is correct, the money would never have been borrowed for those other purposes.

The issue of funding for for education and healthcare is way too valuable to the politicians to actually fund it.

They'd rather beat each other over the head with it. . .