Mar 9, 2006

Local Peace Activist Arrested In DC


(Washington, DC) Mike Ferner, a local activist and former Toledo mayoral candidate, was arrested last night after disrupting a hearing of the House Appropriations Committee. Also arrested was Ed Kinane who, like Ferner, is a member of Voices for Creative Nonviolence (VCNV).

The two men were arrested by Capitol Police as they read the names of Iraqi citizens and U.S. soldiers who have died in this war. The action was part of the "Winter of Our Discontent" actions organized by Voices for Creative Nonviolence.

"We act today to stop the death and suffering this war is causing in Iraq, and to urge others in the peace movement to raise the ante," said Ferner. "Over 2300 U.S. soldiers and well over 100,000 Iraqi citizens have died in this war. It is time to end the occupation; bring our troops home; and pay so Iraqis can rebuild their country after 15 years of brutal economic and military warfare waged by the U.S."

Since February 15, VCNV members have participated in a liquids-only fast and vigil outside the US Capitol. This is the second action of civil resistance carried out during the Winter of Our Discontent campaign; the first occurred on February 27 in which 7 people were arrested at the White House.

As of this writing Ferner and Kinane remain in custody, facing a misdemeanor charge of "disruption of Congress."


Anonymous said...

More Ferner nonsense. When will he grow up?

historymike said...

I might give you that comment on the graffitti incident in January, but this is a legitimate form of protest.

He did not interrupt any speakers, waiting until there was a momentary break.

Hooda Thunkit said...

I have to admit that Ferner is improving.

Now if he can just get Mike to grasp the concept of legal.

(At least he avoided defacing public property this time...)

-Sepp said...

Does this guy have a real job?

Alice c Brown said...

How wonderful. I love it when Americans love their country enough to disrupt the most corrupt body in our land, congress.
Thank you so much, Ed Kinane. I heard you speak in Boston after your returned from Iraq, when y'all welcomed the 'conquering' American forces from Hotel Palestine in Bagdad.
You are a true and brave patriot.
Alice copeland Brown, the Pilgrim