Mar 27, 2006

Mary Winkler Retains An Attorney

(Selmer, TN) Mary Winkler, the 32-year old woman accused of killing her minister husband, has retained legal counsel.

Steve Farese, her Ashland, MS attorney, said that Mrs.Winkler intends to plead not guilty Monday during her arraignment.

"Very reserved, very quiet, very remorseful for the Winkler family and concerned about her children," was the manner in which Farese described his client Sunday night.

The veteran defense attorney took issue with reports that there was a "dangerous situation" in the Winkler home that may have precipitated the murder.

"It was taken out of context. It was only a theory that something was going on in the home that in and of itself was dangerous," said Farese of the rumors. "I think the accumulations of the pressures of life in and of itself certainly would have some factor in the case."

Farese has made a name for himself in taking on cases that involved well-known community figures. One of his most notable cases included defendants in the Tennessee Waltz scandal.


M A F said...

Well it does appear that this is another potential "trial of the century."

I am curious as to how this woman who apparently has confessed is now going to plead not guilty plans to fight this is court. It doesn't help you as a defendant when people you know are quoted as saying, "She just said she was sorry and for me to write a note to the church saying that she was sorry for everything she had done." (Killingsworth quote from your previous article/post.)

Perhaps the recently deceased husband has a few skeletons hanging in his closet. Taking into account all that she has said, it looks like she will be spending the rest of her life in prison.

I wonder, does Tennesse have the death penalty? And if so, has the state ever put to death a woman?

historymike said...

Yep, it will be a big trial, Mac.

Yes, Tennessee has the death penalty, although the state has only executed one person since 1976.

Tennessee currently has 108 prisoners on death row, only 2 of whom are women.

Anonymous said...

Not as big as OJ, though!

Anonymous said...

Is anyone suspicious that she and others who do such things may also have been under the influence of prescription drugs? SSRI's, or statin drugs have been present in many of these types of cases which seem so mysterious. These drugs sometimes account for the completely out of character behavior of otherwise normal people. Rarely are pharma. companies held accountable, or those who prescribe them. I'm not excusing this atrocious deed, but just posing the question. Legal and illegal drugs pretty much have the same ingredients, and can lower inhibitions, just like alchohol.

Anonymous said...

There have been lots of warnings about the side effects of these prescription drugs. Withdrawing from them is dangerous and stopping suddenly can cause reactions. Some people who have been on them and commit crimes seem to have no feelings. These drugs have not been studied over a long enough period of time to conclude their danger, yet many people are prescribed anit-depressants by doctors become dependent on them. Later when they are taken off those pills, they have severe and troubled behaviour reactions

Stephanie said...

"Later when they are taken off those pills, they have severe and troubled behaviour reactions "

Unfortunately, many are put on the drugs in the first place because they have behavioral issues.

historymike said...

Intersting theory, Steph. Post-Prozac syndrome, or something like that.

Anonymous said...

This post about Rx drugs was posted on Greta VanSustern's blog.

I hope its not true.

To get some insight into Mary Winkler's motive you might want to check into her medical background. I think that you will find among other things she suffers from Lupus. I also think that you will find she has been treated for either a bipolar disorder or manic depression.
In the last two or three years she had a miscarriage. She lost her mother in the last two years. She gave birth to a child in the last 13 months. Her husband went from being a youth minister's husband to being the wife of a full-time congregational minister. She moved to a new location. All of these things are extremely stressful.
I would also check into when she and her husband were in Nashville, and he was a youth minister there. I would check to see if there were any incidents of outbreaks of anger on her part, and if there was a medical reason for this.
It is my belief that there are good medical reasons for her actions. I also believe that her motive was based on perceptions that were not based in reality. I would want to know if she was taking medication prescribed for her.
I do not know Mary, but I know her husband's family, and I knew Matt. I know many people who knew Mary and Matt well, and worked with them over the last five years. Matt and his family are the best of people.