Mar 21, 2006



(Toledo, OH) On Tuesdays, I perform my duties as a member of the Open Trackback Alliance and highlight some articles that I found noteworthy on the sites of other members.

Follow this link to learn more about the project, which was developed by Samantha Burns.

Chad at Pirates Man Your Women debates "The Classic Hills Have Eyes" as opposed to "The New Hills Have Eyes" film. I have yet to see the new version, so I'll vote for the classic.

Other interesting OTA websites: Common Folk, Gribbit's World, Bloggin' Out Loud, Peakah's Provocations, and Grandinite.

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Chad said...

Yeah, I'm still a bit unsure on seeing the new one. Once it was released I never heard another word about it. But the same thing happened with King Kong and almost every other movie.