Mar 17, 2006

Petro Announces Tuition-Reduction Plan


(Columbus, OH) Republican gubernatorial candidate Jim Petro announced that his government-shrinking plan would save enough money to provide every Ohio college student an average 30 percent tuition reduction.

"Competing in the New Economy will require Ohio to be a leader in developing and retaining a highly-skilled, highly-educated workforce," Peto said in a press release. "This tuition initiative will make higher education access and affordability a reality by substantially reducing tuition costs for Ohio's college students."

Petro said that his plan to reshape Ohio’s executive branch will save Ohio taxpayers more than $1 billion annually. With these savings, and the additional savings from his plan to reshape Ohio’s system of higher education, Petro proposed allocating $600 million to tax relief to Ohio’s families and $540 million to higher education tuition buy-downs.

Petro noted that the Tuition Buy-Down initiative would save the average student $1,738 ($2,348 for four-year schools) per year — which equates to 248 fewer hours of part-time work per year, by his reckoning.


Anonymous said...

More political nothingness - Petro will sell his soul for a vote.

Name withheld to protect the guilty said...

Does he really think he can trim a billion dollars off just the executive branch, when the whole budget is only $25 billion? Granted, I'd be all for it, but is that really realistic?

historymike said...

Not sure, NWTPG, but at least Petro is looking to SUPPORT higher education, instead of GUTTING it like his predecessors.

Stephanie said...

Okay, I understand why this would be tuition is outrageous in Wisconsin right now...but, you're NOT saving money if you spend it somewhere else. I know enough about mathematics to understand that!

Hooda Thunkit said...

Petro has no answers, he advocated only the redistribution of BLOAT.

Our economy needs a recession to put things back into perspective.

I know it's harsh, but there is no easy way to reset the collective political mind (again).

I've got an idea, elect me governor and I'll reduce tuition costs by 9.9% each year (along with the state budget).

My campaign slogan, Back to the 50's...

I remember the quality of life in the fiftys and miss it (along with the values).