Mar 31, 2006

Police Sieze Church Computer in Winkler Case

Left: Mary Winkler at her arraignment on Monday

(Selmer, TN) A source close to the Mary Winkler case told The Jackson Sun that investigators siezed a computer from the Fourth Street Church of Christ on Thursday morning as part of the ongoing inquiry into the killing of Matthew Winkler, late minister of the church.

Officials would neither confirm nor deny that computer equipment was siezed.

Eric Jenkins, who was sitting on the tailgate of his truck parked at a house next door to the church, saw police at the church Thursday morning. He said that an unmarked state police car was parked behind the church for several hours.

"I was wondering why it was here this morning because I've been here all day," Jenkins said. "[The officer] opened up the driver-side door and stuck [a computer tower] in the back seat, closed the door and walked back in the church."

Detectives impounded computers, storage disks and other equipment from the Winkler home last week after Matthew Winkler was found dead and his family was missing.

The initial belief was that the Winkler computers might offer clues into the killing and disappearance. Speculation runs rampant that any computers connected to the Winklers may contain incriminating information that the killing of Matthew Winkler was premeditated, or that they contain hidden aspects of the couple's lives.


whoiam said...

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historymike said...


I have nothing against self-promotion - even the shameless sort - but at least try and sneak your blog plug into a relevant comment, whoiam.

Here's an example:

"I think the Winkler case is very disturbing, and I hope that the computer siezures reveal information on this bizarre case.

I have also blogged about the case on my website."

Much less tacky, wouldn't you say?

Stephanie said...

lol, much!

whoiam said...

If you read the words on my site to the song " Down this morning" perhaps you might be able to discern the relevance.I won"t bother with you any more.