Mar 10, 2006

Reuters Runs Sneaky Cheney Pic

Left: Photo courtesy of Reuters

(Toledo, OH) I am not a card-carrying member of the GOP (nor any other party, for that matter), and I am not trying to take a cheap shot at Vice President Dick Cheney.

Rather, I am curious how may pictures it took Larry Downing of Reuters to get this shot.

The Vice President was speaking to the US Labor Department's 2006 National Summit on Retirement Savings. I can just see the glint in Downing's eyes as he got the bright idea to snap the word "retire" right above Cheney's head.

I laughed when I first saw this, but then I felt a momentary twinge of empathy for Mr. Cheney, who has had to endure quite a bit of negative attention in the past few weeks.

Just a twinge.


Anonymous said...

Nah - he deserves it after getting off so easy with Harry Whittington.

Hooda Thunkit said...


Cheney looks good!

A real testament to our advanced life-support technological expertise (advanced mostly by/for attending to our military's battlefield casualties).

Ain't scientific achievements grand?


McCaskey said...

I've seen pictures of Cheney that cast him in an even more negative light and haven't felt a "twinge" of empathy. He is who he is...a very rich guy with very rich friends who all want to get even richer under the guise of "patriotism" and "national interests."

historymike said...

Hooda: I think it was Subcomandante Bob who called Cheney the "VP-borg." Tryuly a miracle of modern medicine.

McCaskey: Good points. President Bush can at least come across in a folksy, "compassionate" manner, and he is hard (at least for me) to dislike.

Cheney is like a pit bull. He is not only an ideologue but also a politician who just does not seem to care what people think. That may be why the press is so quick to rake him over the coals.

Dariush said...

Cheney's popularity has now sunk to such depths that even OJ and Wack Jacko have more widespread appeal.

But on the positive side, he is still more popular than Charles Manson.


Kurt Nimmo - Another Day in the Empire

Monsters: Dick Cheney and O.J. Simpson

Tuesday, March 07th 2006, 5:34 pm

Oh, big surprise. Dick Cheney, according to a CBS poll, is less popular than the wife-beating murderer O.J. Simpson, convicted in civil court in 1997. In fact, Cheney is several times more murderous and infinitely more dangerous than Simpson, although Dick is careful to not get any blood spattered on his expensive suit. "Michael Jackson, who was alleged of sexually harassing an underage boy, and American football player O.J. Simpson, who caused a huge clamor for being suspected of murdering his wife in 1994, each maintained 25 percent and 29 percent favorable impression rates, respectively," while Cheney came in at 18 percent. The Washington Post "pointed out that even vice president Spiro Agnew during the Nixon presidency who resigned due to tax evasion allegations still maintained a 45 percent support rate right until he resigned in 1973."

No specific reason for Cheney's unpopularity is cited in the article. Maybe it has to do with Cheney's scowl, his propensity to swear at critics, or his drunken shooting of a rich fellow hunter.

Most Americans, however, are only vaguely aware of Cheney's massive crimes against humanity, rarely put into context by the corporate media. Cheney is a vicious repeat offender, beginning with his oversight of the 43-day bombing campaign against Iraq in the summer of 1991. As a Harvard "study team had reported … the attack on Iraqi electrical, water, and sewage treatment systems," engineered by Cheney as Bush's Secretary of Defense (or rather Offense), was responsible for killing "thousands of civilians, especially the most vulnerable — children, the elderly, the sick," as Robert Jensen writes. Cheney, not much different than a garden variety serial murderer, told the corporate media that "if I had to do it over again, I would do exactly the same thing," as Ted Bundy probably would if he was still on the loose. Of course, unlike Ted Bundy, Cheney has not personally engaged in murder, but then Hitler and Charlie Manson didn't either.

"Cheney has never repudiated this comment, never expressed contrition for the deaths of innocents that he had to have known would result from policies he helped shape and implement," Jensen notes. "But instead of being challenged for defending the targeting of civilians, Cheney is being heralded as a politician with 'principles' willing to stand by his 'convictions,'" that is to say his conviction that he is above the law (specifically, the Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War).

Cheney is equivalent to the Marquis de Sade, the French aristocrat, imprisoned in the Bastille in Paris for his "dissolute imagination," including fantasizing about beating a prostitute with a red hot cat-o-nine-tails and various "blasphemous impieties."

Cheney, according to a top aide to former Secretary of State Colin Powell, Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, "should face war crimes charges" for his support of torturing dirt farmers and taxi drivers kidnapped in various Muslim countries and imprisoned in Guantánamo, Bagram, the "prison of darkness" in Kabul, and various CIA dungeons in Poland and Romania, the latter documented by the Polish daily Gazeta Wyborcza.

Last October, "Mr. Cheney [asked] Congress to approve legal language that would allow the CIA to commit such abuses against foreign prisoners it is holding abroad. In other words, this vice president has become an open advocate of torture," opined the Washington Post. "It's not surprising that Mr. Cheney would be at the forefront of an attempt to ratify and legalize this shameful record. The vice president has been a prime mover behind the Bush administration's decision to violate the Geneva Conventions and the U.N. Convention Against Torture and to break with decades of past practice by the U.S. military."

And then, of course, Cheney was the prime mover behind Bush's invasion of Iraq. He repeatedly lied about Saddam's illusory weapons of mass destruction, whole cloth fantasies dreamed up by the Straussian neocon Office of Special Plans. Cheney personally browbeat CIA analysts into adopting his lies about Iraq and WMD, and attempted to link "al-Qaeda" with Saddam (and then lied, insisting he never made this claim). In other words, in addition to getting off on mass murder and torture, Cheney is a pathological liar (mental health professionals claim pathological liars share deviant behavior such as inappropriate aggression, destruction, and serious violations of rules and laws).

Finally, as if pit bull John Bolton's threat against Iran, delivered before the AIPAC, was not enough, now Cheney has amplified Bolton's threat before the same audience, in fact the numero uno constituency in Washington. Cheney has threatened "meaningful consequences" against Iran, and the standard "keeping all options on the table," in other words pursuing a campaign of shock and awe mass murder of the Iranian population and destruction of Iranian society and culture in much the same way Cheney and the Straussian neocons did and continue to do in Iraq.

Indeed, Cheney and the Straussian neocons are many times worse than O. J. Simpson or even Charlie Manson, incorrigible criminal monsters of a Hitlerian caliber, determined to pursue their lethal and even genocidal policies until they are arrested, convicted, and punished for their crimes, however remote such a prospect may be.

However, the question is not if they will continue to inflict damage on the world — beginning with the Muslim Middle East, and then moving on to North Korea, China, and eventually Russia, as promised, a series of devastating and insane campaigns that will last generations, possibly hundreds of years — but rather if we, the American people, will step forward and put an end to this madness.

Unfortunately, the way things look at present, I do not believe we will because most of us have succumbed to years of unrelenting propaganda, xenophobia, intellectual laziness, and daily two minute hate sessions via the all-pervasive idiot box, the very mantle of our civilization. In short, we give very little indication of doing much of anything except going along to get along.

Dariush said...

And on the subject of Cheney and "resignation" the following brief communiques from "Voice of the White House" (a White House insider whose statements are occassionally posted around the web under this nom de plume) tell a very interesting tale.


The Truth Seeker

Voice of the White House February 20, 2006

TBR – February 20, 2006

"I have been informed recently by three different Beltway people in positions of knowledge, that important Republican backers are afraid that the perceived gross incompetence of the Bush Administration cannot be reversed and will only increase.

Therefore, they have decided that Vice President Dick Cheney must be made the focus of growing public anger directed at the endless and senseless war in Iraq, the rising prices of gasoline, the slumping economy, the very valid perception of the Bush Administration as corrupt and inefficient and must go and that for the next three years, Bush needs to have a moderate and saleable Republican vice president that can effectively run in '08.

Also, with the Mid-Terms coming up in November, they feel that if Cheney isn't booted out, now, that the Republicans may well lose one, or both, houses as a result of these elections.

Fear and loss of power is a wonderful motivator.

Cheney is an arrogant shit who pushes the weaker Bush around, pays no attention whatsoever to his staff and does exactly what he pleases, when he pleases.

He was the man behind the disastrous Iraqi war, the torture of prisoners, the subversion of both Georgia and the Ukraine, a strong voice for the invasion and neutralizing of Venezuela, the destruction of Hamas in Palestine, total support for Israel, has pushed frantically for a universal draft and in general has done terrible damage to the image of not only the White House but the country.

He will never abandon his power position voluntarily and will only grow more truculent and domineering as challenges to his person increase so the question now going around the upper circles of Washington and the top Republican leadership in Congress is how to oust this dangerous boor without Cheney fighting back, using inside knowledge that would not only wreck Bush but his administration and the prospects of the Republican party as well.

The growing press attacks on Cheney are being orchestrated by Those On High and in actuality, no one cares if he had a few drinks and then shot his friend at point blank range during a quail hunt. His actions, and those of his staff, immediately after the incident, would lend credence to the strong rumors that Cheney has too much to drink and overreacted to someone running towards him with a weapon. His utter arrogance in not bothering to inform the President or even top White House staff after the incident and his obvious determination to ignore the unfortunate accident is typical of the man. His behavior has reflected negatively, not only on his own character but has made the White House look like it was run by liars, obfuscators and fools."

See our Inside the White House archive:

A Complete Copy of the Voice of the White House from TBR News April 18, 2004-December 29, 2005


The Truth Seeker

Voice of the White House March 3, 2006

TBR – March 3, 2006

"There is growing concern inside both the White House and among senior Republicans in Washington , that if VP Cheney doesn't resign of his own free will or is forced out of office, the Republicans will, in turn, be forced out of office in November. Even Diebold and Jeb Bush can't corrupt nationwide elections, like they did in Florida in 2000, and the continuous imbecility and arrogance of the current Administration is becoming widely evident, even in the Bible Belt. The American media, whores to the end, have been cooperating with Bush by hiding important information. The New York Times knew a year before they finally published it about Bush's determination to spy on everybody in the United States via the NSA and the entire media was aware of the FEMA Katrina tapes wherein Bush is clearly shown, contrary to his pathetic bleating denials later, that he was fully aware of the pending disaster…and did nothing, later trying to blame FEMA head Brown for his, and the grossly incompetent Chertoff's, manifest inaction. Bush was, by growing rumor, drunk at Crawford and Chertoff is a moron and a sycophant of the worst order…a typical backside licking Bush toady and as useless as tits on a boar pig."

See our Inside the White House archive:

A Complete Copy of the Voice of the White House from TBR News April 18, 2004- December 29, 2005


The Truth Seeker

Voice of the White House March 1, 2006

TBR – March 1, 2006

"Bush, Cheney and a number of their top security aides are enraged because of the leaking of very embarrassing and sensitive material to the media. I don't think they are really aware of the degree and extent of the leakage.

The CIA has been the source of many leaks as the clumsy and high handed actions of Bush loyalist Porter Goss, DCI has destroyed the morale at that agency. Many very competent agents with years of experience were either fired because they "were not loyal to the President's goals and views" or quit because of the crude activities of their top brass.

Most of these top leaders are Jewish and are too deeply and actively interested in the fate of blessed Israel to suit the rank and file. The name of Pollard is often used to describe their actions. And it is from these disgruntled agents, as well as from those who quit or were fired, that a veritable flood of fascinating material has been, and is being , leaked.

Friends of mine in the media and fellow workers speak about this and although I have never received any of these leaked papers, their contents are certainly not a secret.

A fanatic for secrecy, and terrified of assassination, Cheney would have a fatal heart attack if he knew that builder's plans of his Maryland home, with new security additions, are out there. Also, a number of what the top White House personnel firmly believe is total security on their email and personal telephone conversations has been compromised, from the inside, and recorded messages are now circulating on tape all over Washington, to include the cocktail and Embassy Row circuits.

You have no idea how idiotic some of our wise leaders are when chatting with girlfriends, businessmen, stock brokers and boyfriends.

Also out there are reams of CIA reports on their intended subversion of various countries, to include Russia, Venezuela, Syria and Iran. There are even studies on what would happen if the CIA's men in Chechnya were to assassinate Putin or the CIA/Colombia intelligence groups now in the latter country were to 'off' Chavez.

Most of the senior Republicans inside the White House are racists and their use of the no-no "N" word is legion.

Also floating around are reputed to be lists of many thousands of Americans whom the NSA has spied on in the past and will no doubt continue to spy on in the future.

Your Mr. Harring would be delighted to see the actual death lists (by name) that are far in excess of the DoD published tallies.

One of my friends in a famous investigative agency says that two things are most prominent here; the incredible number of serious threats made against our President and the growing leaks of major, and extremely negative, information.

With Bush on the skids and his grasp on power shrinking day to day and Cheney slipping even worse, many who were afraid to open their mouths before are now singing like an opera star. The interesting aspect of this is that most of this awful and damning material is not being sent to the American media (which is seen as useless and pro-Bush) but to foreign agencies and press entities.

The degree of the damage to the reputation of the United States is appalling but he who sows the wind will certainly reap the whirlwind."

See our Inside the White House archive:

A Complete Copy of the Voice of the White House from TBR News April 18, 2004- December 29, 2005

Stephanie said...

Ah, but this is media bias, that's the problem. The only bit of newsworthiness of this photo is that it was a lie.

Hooda Thunkit said...

Spam Alert, Spam Alert, Spam Alert!!!

(And, maybe just a tad of politics...)

High Desert Wanderer said...

Cheney refutes allegations of retirement

Dariush said...

Down below Mike said he welcomed comments of all lengths.

And since all these posts directly related to Cheney, I figured what the heck.

But next time I'll throw in an ad for septic tanks or penis elargement or off-shore gambling just to make it officially spam.


Peahippo said...

All this brouhaha about the Cheney "retire" pic, and no one mentions the NUMEROUS pics the media have run with Bush's head in a "halo" from various round and yellow seals behind his head? Shame on you all.