Mar 22, 2006

Safe Kids Launches Poison Prevention Campaign


Passing along this public service item

(Toledo, OH) Safe Kids Greater Toledo reminds parents that March 19-25, 2006, is National Poison Prevention Week. In conjunction with this campaign, a new public service announcement, featuring an animated pill bottle, was distributed to all local television stations. The public service announcement is designed to educate parents and caregivers about the risks of medication-related poisoning to children.

Each year, more than one million children ages 5 and under are accidentally poisoned and 90 percent of accidental poisonings happen in the home. Children are at significantly greater risk than adults for accidental poisoning, because they are smaller, have faster metabolic rates and are less able physically to handle toxic chemicals.

In addition, the natural curiosity of children and their tendency to put items in their mouths increase the poisoning risk. Forty percent of accidental poisonings of children ages 5 and under are from prescription drugs and other medications.

Safe Kids Greater Toledo reminds parents to keep the poison control hotline 1-800-222-1222 near every telephone and remind anyone taking care of children to do the same.

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