Mar 21, 2006

Signs of Spring

(Toledo, OH) Despite temperatures in the 20s and grey skies overhead, I found evidence in my yeard that spring is soon to arrive.

Tulips and crocuses are beginning to push through the cold earth in search of the sun.

In other spring news I have an ongoing, low-grade civil war with one of my anonymous neighbors who likes to call the city inspectors on us. The most recent visit involved the plants in my gardens, which I allow to die down in the fall.

The unknown neighbor called and said that there were "weeds all over the place," and that we never cut our grass.

This call, of course was placed in late January. The inspector duly cited me for a "public heath nuisance" (the dead plants), and gave me 72 hours to remove the dead tomato plants, corn stalks, and okra stems. In a fit of civil disobedience I waited until last weekend to cut and mulch this material.

There, unknown anatagonist! I will answer your silly action on my own time.


McCaskey said...

What, no photos, HM? Usually on your nature/slash weather posts (which I always enjoy) you have nice accompaning art. At least a pic of those dead plants before they were removed!!!!

historymike said...

Blogger is being stupid today, McCaskey. I can't load any of my pics.

McCaskey said...

Always in a hurry...I type "slash" after using the /.....I really need to preview before posting!

Lisa Renee said...

Might I suggest a free alternative?

Join photobucket and upload your images to there. Then using html rather than compose as the option when writing a blog post merely use the (img=src"linktophotobucket") tag of course it has to be <> rather than () and voila!

Photos! It also gives you an alternative way to save and store photos online. I also use photobucket for my background and banner type images.

Once in a while I use blogger but most times I use photobucket.

historymike said...

I'll look into it, Lisa. As we have previously discussed Blogger is going through some growing pains and system problems are becoming an everday occurrence.

McCaskey said...


-Sepp said...

...and I thought I was the only one with an A-hole neighbor with nothing better to do than monitor my yard, my curbside garbage and, how long I have a car parked in front of my own house. The anonymus "attacks" via calling the cops or the dept of neigborhoods got so ridiculous that the guy that came by to inspect the complaint of the week told me he was fed up with driving over only to find something warrantless. The term he used was "spite call" which is just an easy way for a spineless A-hole to harrass the neighbors and think she pulled it off in secretly. Good luck with the fool HM. Sooner or later the neighbor will find a different target to harrass.

Stefan Schmidt said...


Maybe you should retaliate (call the cops on your Neighbor).

historymike said...

Nah, he's a cranky old guy with nothing better to do than compalin (if I am guessing correctly).

Every time my old dog Hershey would sneak out he would call the dog warden. Twice he was sitting on the front porch when they showed up; he was an old, fat dog who never ventured far.

If the kids are in the backyard playing a radio, he yells at them to turn it down, even at 2:00 in the afternoon.

God forbid a toy should go into his yard.

Now, my house is no palace; I have nine kids at home, and they always leave bikes laying around, soccer balls on the grass, and pop cans on the deck.

But my house is far from a "public health nuisance."

I could play the retaliatory game, but he has a lot more time than I (he's retired).

Best part of this - the city also cited me for my garage. I started scraping it in October, but didn't get it painted before it got cold. I think that I will purposely ask for an extension until, say, July.

They noted a missing section of gutter, too, and ordered me to pull a permit. Fat chance on that.

I should also go over the scraping very closely and make sure I have it all before I paint.

Maybe I can drive the sucker crazy and get him to move by painting one board a day.

Stephanie said...

lmao, Mike! The painting idea sounds like a good one! Well, all I can say is at least they're calling about your yard.

Aparently, when we first moved into our house (two years ago) one of our new neighbors took affront at a family with children with special needs moving into their neighborhood and repeatedly called CPS. I only found out when I talked to another neighbor (the one who had more of a reason to call) about the incidents. He did some asking around and kind of got in the responsible person's face, telling them to knock it off. Between that and the fact that the people at CPS like us, I doubt it'll happen again. But, you never know.