Mar 16, 2006

Taft To Sign UT-MUO Merger March 31


(Toledo, OH) Governor Bob Taft will sign legislation approving the merger of the University of Toledo and the Medical University of Ohio on March 31 at 10 AM in Doermann Theatre in University Hall.

The merger will create the third-largest university in the state of Ohio.

"As we finalize the legislative process for merging these two great universities, we are also writing a new chapter in the history of The University of Toledo and higher education in the state of Ohio," said UT President Dan Johnson in an email today. "Merging two large complex public institutions will require a high level of commitment from our faculties and staffs as well as a great deal of work, some of which will stretch out over several years."

Both the Ohio House and Ohio Sentae voted unanimously to approve the merger.


Anonymous said...

What's #2?

I'd assume OSU is #1.

historymike said...

1. OSU - 57,748 (all campuses)

2. Kent State - 30,138 (Fall, 2005, all campuses)

3. UT-MUO - approximately 23,000 students after the merger.

HeyHey said...

Budget-wise the top three would be:

1. OSU
2. Cincy
3. Toledo

Over half the budget for UT will be the medical school and hospital.

Hooda Thunkit said...


Heads will indeed roll, but only at the lower levels.

For those at the top, the trough just got longer, wider, and deeper. . .