Mar 13, 2006

Tornado Watch In Toledo Area


(Toledo, OH) The tornado watch in Toledo has been extended until at least 11 AM in the Toledo area.

The wave of storms late last night and early this morning downed power lines, flooded streets, and damaged trees throughout Northwest Ohio.

My neighborhood looked like a swamp this morning. Low-lying areas turned overnight into mini-lakes.

The supercell that spawned tornadoes in the Midwest last night was in central Indiana a short while ago.

A high wind warning is in effect from 3 PM Monday through 6 AM Tuesday for the area.

Addendum: The National Weather Service in Cleveland has extended the tornado watch until 4:00 PM today, and the area remains on a thunderastrom warning. Some of the storms could be severe, with damaging winds, and wind gusts as high as 40 mph.


Hooda Thunkit said...

The watch is over now, with no known/reported severe activity locally.

However, the clocks were all flashing this morning...

Lisa Renee said...

It is windy out there, on my walk it was very interesting.


Stephanie said...

This weather is in Toledo, too? Big storm!