Mar 11, 2006

Woman Auctions Off Ad Rights To Pregnancy


(St. Louis, MO) In a sign that perhaps nothing is sacred any longer in this consumerist society, St. Louis resident Asia Francis auctioned off the advertising rights to her pregnancy on eBay.

The winning bid of $1,000 was placed by a California Internet firm. The company has exclusive rights to temporarily tattoo its logo on the pregnant woman's belly, and it will broadcast the birth of her daughter live on the Internet.

"It's a well-held theory in the advertising industry that the average person on the street receives up to 3,000 branded messages a day," said Floyd Hayes, of the NY advertising firm, Cunning Communications. "If they were to buy the free coverage they will receive for this, it would cost them many times more the fee they paid the person."

Everyone has their price, but perhaps Francis should have gone with a minimum bid. $1,000 does not seem like much money for self-exploitation.


Anonymous said...

Stephanie said...

I'm not sure what would make it worth it to me...I don't think anything would...but $1,000 certainly wouldn't.

Mr. Schwartz said...

This isn't the first time this has happened. But it's still stupid. The last one who tried this got $4,000. This one only got $1,000?

Thursday, February 3, 2005

A woman selling advertising on her pregnant belly will receive $4,050 from the highest eBay auction bidder, Golden Palace Casino.

Amber Rainey will have the online casino's Web site temporarily tattooed to her stomach Thursday. It will remain until she delivers her first child, due on March 21.

Rainey didn't think her belly would fetch much as advertising space, but the casino has a record of unusual buys in online auctions, including paying $28,000 for a grilled cheese sandwich that bears the image of the Virgin Mary.

Rainey has received national attention as her eBay auction page received more than 50,000 hits. Still, she said she was surprised by the final bid price and other possible perks.

Rainey said Golden Palace officials would like her to expose her belly at concerts and the Super Bowl, though no final decisions have been made.

She hasn't decided whether she would auction another body part or stomach again.

"Maybe once is enough," she said.

historymike said...

Agreed about the low bid, Steph. If one is going to sell out, it ought to be worth more than $1,000.

Thanks for the link, Harry. I missed that story when it came out.

long time lurker occasional poster said...

C'mon poeple, Its the American way. Find a new a creative way to make a buck and then run with it. Wy do you think it has taken so long for alternative fuel cars? There's no money in it. I'm thinking of trying that to find a sponsor for a trip this year. I saw it in E-bay, the woman raised somwhere near 10,000 for her family trip to Disneyland. I even thought about doing that for the school trip to Washington DC this year. The kids wear t-shirts with the company logo while we are there, post pictures ona blog. Voila' kids who don't get out of the 'hood get a great trip.

What's sick are the people willing to file the legal paperwork to officially change their name for some quick cash.

Hooda Thunkit said...

"Francis should have gone with a minimum bid. $1,000 does not seem like much money for self-exploitation."

The price of self-exploitation isn't what it used to be, apparently...