Apr 16, 2006

Accused Killer an Avid Blogger

Left: Mug shot of Kevin Ray Underwood

(Purcell, OK) The man accused of killing a 10-year-old neighbor girl as part of a plan to eat human flesh also joked about cannibalism on his online diary.

Kevin Ray Underwood, whose blog is titled "Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K," left dozens of posts that contained hints of a man on the verge of acting out in a violent fashion.

The body of Jamie Bolin was found in a large plastic tub in Underwood's closet; the dead girl had deep saw marks in her neck.

Left: Jamie Rose Bolin

On February 28 of this year, Kevin Underwood composed the following post:

Because I can't handle the social interaction, and I get pissed off. Pissed off at myself for not being able to be social, and pissed off at the other people because they can, and pissed off at God for making me be this way. If there is a God. Pretty much the only time I believe in God is when I want to blame Him for something. Or, when I'm really depressed, to cry and beg him to make me better, to make whatever is wrong in my brain go away, so that I can live like a normal person.

That's all I want in life, is to be able to live like a normal person.

I've been really bad again lately. I need to have the doctor write me a prescription for more Lexapro or something, and start taking that again. I wonder if they even still make Lexapro? I checked some of those online pharmacies, to see if I could get it cheaper from Canada or something, but none of them I've looked at have it. They have five or six other antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications, but not that one.

I've been really bad lately, probably worse than I've ever been. Except for work, I've hardly left the apartment in close to two months. I keep not going to the store until I'm completely out of stuff to eat and HAVE to go. Until a couple of days ago, I hadn't even taken my trash out in weeks. I could barely even get into my kitchen for all the piles of trash everywhere and on every available counter space. Because along with the social anxiety, this time I seem to have developed a tremendous apathy. I just sit here at the computer every minute of the day, when I'm not at work. A week or so ago, I spent my day off sitting here at the computer, barely moving from the chair, for 14 hours. I just can't make myself do anything, even simple stuff, like pick up something that falls on the floor. I'm like "Oh, I'll pick that up later, maybe," and then it lays there for a week.

Could anyone have known what Underwood was thinking? Is there anyone to whom he was remotely close that might have seen signs that Underwood was about to commit unspeakable acts of violence?

Hindsight, of course, is the most perfect of visions, and Underwood's posts make a disturbed sort of sense now.

Still, I wonder if any of his readers saw this coming.


Anonymous said...

THAT is some creepiness, Mike. Where in the world did you find that?

historymike said...

Just a little digging, anonymous.

Once I learned he was a blogger it took about 30 seconds.

Sick, sick freak this man is.

Lisa Renee said...

I saw that on CNN, I also find it weird that people would still be using his instant commentor.

Some of the people posting there are pretty disturbed too.


Lisa Renee said...

MySpace appears to have pulled his profile, I guess they don't want any more bad publicity directed at them. Blogger probably won't shut it down though. I still can't get over that many people are over there commenting. Somehow I don't think this guy is going to get a chance to read the messages they are leaving for him.


Stefan Schmidt said...

I am curious, HM—what punishment would you advocate?

Anonymous said...

The quote below is from an Australian newspaper:
"Regarding a potential motive," Purcell Police Chief David Tompkins said Saturday, "this appears to have been part of a plan to kidnap a person, rape them, torture them, kill them, cut off their head, drain the body of blood, rape the corpse, eat the corpse then dispose of the organs and bones".

Investigators found meat tenderiser and barbecue skewers that Underwood planned to use on the body, McClain County District lawyer Tim Kuykendall said from the small community of Purcell, 65 kilometres south of Oklahoma City.


Stephanie said...

This man needed help, he was apparently even asking for it, and still didn't get it. The sad part is this little girl's horrid death was probably very preventable.

Hooda Thunkit said...

So very very sick and sad :-(

Peahippo said...

Define "preventable" in this case, such that the civil rights are not potentially infringed for ALL bloggers, or actually infringed for SOME bloggers.

We should take great care with our urge to achieve "preventable". Liberty ALSO means the freedom to plot and effect the kidnapping, murder and mutilation of other people (until we're caught in the act, that is). The only way to guarantee that citizens can't do such appalling things is to invoke Fascism ... but that will mean that the Fascist Overlords will be the ones doing the kidnappings, murders and mutilations.

Or does "preventable" in this case mean "parental oversight of their child needs to be increased"?

Mr. Schwartz said...

What was weird is the day after he killed the girl, ho posted a story on his blog that appeared to be quite normal.

Stephanie said...

The preventable I was referencing has very little to do with blogging or fascism, Peahippo. It has to do with friendship!

I know many people who deal with mental health issues on a regular basis. It's emotionally taxing to be the "stable" one, but as I have had mental health issues myself (usually revolving around my pregnancies) I can understand and appreciate the support they need. Recognizing that this man could have been helped prior to him committing murder does in no way justify his crime.

My point was if his friends or family had responded to his pleas for help, then this probably would not have happened.

A short while ago a dear friend of mine contempelated suicide while she was caring for her child and the child of a friend. I dropped everything I was doing and talked with her on the phone for over an hour, assuring her the entire time that if she needed me I'd go to her house despite the fact that it was two hours away. She felt better for the conversation, was able to handle the rest of the evening and get help the next day that improved her depression.

Now, most bloggers do not have that kind of contact with everyone they blog with, however most do have that kind of contact with at least one person they blog with. If, for instance, Mike were to start to become destablized, there are probably several regular readers of his who could and would contact him in person to help him out. I would not be able to be one of those people, because I live nowhere near Toledo, but I can think of a few without much effort who'd probably do it.

It's not about losing freedoms; it's about having friends. The right to kill people because you're mentally ill for lack of governmental stereotyping, yet having instead a friend who helps you through a mental health crisis doesn't seem mutually exclusive to me.

Jeff said...

Oh my god.

My blog and his share a name: Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K. And I'd read it periodically before this. So creepy.