Apr 3, 2006

Attorneys for Mary Winkler Weigh Options

Left: Mary Winkler with attorney Steve Farese last Thursday

(Selmer, TN) The defense team representing Mary Winkler is investigating stategies for their client, including the possibility that the shooting was an accident.

Attorneys are also considering a claim of insanity by Mrs. Winkler in the shooting death of her minister husband Matthew Winkler.

"Anytime you have a gunshot fatality, it's not always, 'Did something happen?' " said Mississippi attorney Steve Farese Sr. "There are the three questions: Did it happen? Why did it happen, and how did it happen? … Was it an intentional act or an unintentional act or an accidental act, and there's a difference."

Another defense attorney admitted that Mary Winkler has been seen by a psychologist, and that her reasons for killing her husband remain a mystery.

"[The confession]certainly assumes a fact and that is that she is responsible," said attorney Leslie Ballin. "I don't know what the [examination]results are. If it's something that produces a professional opinion that is pertinent to this case, you will see this person at the trial."

Defense attorneys choise to waive the right to a preliminary hearing in order to prevent prosecutors from reading Mrs. Winkler's alleged confession into the reoord. This was ostensibly done to shelter the Winkler children.

"We don't feel that it does anyone any good to hear gruesome things about their late father," said Farese.

Mary Winkler's case goes before the McNairy County grand jury in June.


liberal_dem said...

Mike- you seem obsessed with this story.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous99: Lots of unanswered questions remain and are likely to remain for some time.

One fact is that those three little girls still need help. Anyone can help by contributing to http://www.winklerfamilyfund.com/

And, another fact is that we could all be more caring and helpful to our friends and neighbors. Perhaps we can help relieve stress someone else is feeling in their lives and save a tragedy.

historymike said...

Somewhat, liberal dem. It's like a sad mystery, and I am curious to know what prompted Mary Winkler to take this drastic step.

Lisa Renee said...

Or...one could say rather than him being obsessed he has managed to become the one stop source for news and information on the Winkler case.


historymike said...

True, Lisa. I am amazed at the number of people who have turned to this site for news on the Winkler case.

I wouldn't say my coverage has been particularly stellar or unique, other than the fact that I have compiled just about every shred of info on the case in one place.

Well, at least the quality of new visitors is higher than those with my last "obsession."


Lisa Renee said...

Now look at who's being humble....


historymike said...

Yeah, but I think liberal dem was closer with the "obsession" observation. I sometimes get fixated on a story and read everything I can find.

This is one of those stories, although we may only get a handful of tidbits until after the June grand jury hearing.

Lisa Renee said...

I've done the same thing with stories that have had an impact on me. You are getting new visitors, people are still commenting on the stories and you are writing about other topics as well.


If I thought you were obsessing you know I'd email you just like you'd do for me.

historymike said...

Heh heh.

I am still amazed at the traffic figures, though. I have had spikes here and there when I break a story, or find myself in the right place at the right time, but this one was a heckuva ride.

In the last 12 days this site generated more traffic than the previous seven months.

Still tinkering with AdSense; one would think that the heavy volume of traffic would translate into higher revenues, but the best AdSense days came on days with lower traffic counts.

I am still well under a dollar a day, though.


Lisa Renee said...

Then as my kids would say?

"It's all good"


Jen said...

Hi there! I'm not really a blogger, and I'm not sure if I'm posting this comment correctly. I am an average person who doesn't usually take to the news. By profession, I'm a social worker and for some unknown reason to me -this case is really remarkable. I've been visiting your site non-stop and appreciate it being here. I've told my friends and family that I'm obsessed with this case and I don't know why. Until I found your site, I was perplexed trying to find accurate information. I'm not someone who normally watches the news nor do I read the news - so I'm always out of the loop. I have a crazy schedule - I'm super busy. When I get home late at night, I check out your site because I know you will have the latest information. I appreciate how you have kept up with this story and how you get so many details that I can not find anywhere else.

So, who cares if others think you are obsessed. I for one appreciate your posts and look forward to keeping up with this case through your blog.

On that note - thanks for all you've done to keep us all informed.

historymike said...

Wow, thanks, Jen!

Where do I send the $10? Heh heh.

I do appreciate the kind words, and they picked me up at a glum moment today. Must be karma.

Jen said...

Hi again! It's me. I'm glad I was able to pick you up at a time when you were feeling glum. I've had those moments myself and know what a difference some kind words can make.

It's kind of weird, but this wasn't the first time I read someone was giving you a hard time. I've been wanting to thank you since this all started but for one reason or another I kept my mouth shut until last night. I just really wanted you to know how appreciative I am to have someone like you keep up with the latest news in this most interesting case.

On more of a selfish note, I also didn't want you to stop giving us the updates because a few select individuals were giving you a hard time about it. Did I mention how honest I am??? I'm not really selfish - and I do appreciate all that you do. Keep up the good work Mike!

Thanks again!!!!
Have a fantastic DAy!

Hooda Thunkit said...


Sometimes a little obsession can be a GOOD thing.

Doesn't obsession sometimes help make ordinary reporting exceptional?

Paranoid now, is a whole nuther thing ;-)

Minister's Wife said...

As a former minister's wife, for 27 years, I feel that people are obsessed about Mary Winker's story because this is more than about Mary Winkler but a case against the nauseating effects of "organized" "smorganized" religion that needs to be exposed as a reason behind the murder.
I feel she was pushed to the brink by the abuse that she no doubt received and went off the deep end.
An interesting point is that it occurred on her first day of substitute teaching. Why?
I have Mary on my perpetual prayer list and have gotten to know one of her church members rather well and feel that there is a group in the Selmer Church of Christ that is far ahead of so many organized groups in the form of loving and caring for Mary Winker!!