Apr 13, 2006

Cultures in Conflict: Oceanic Encounters, Trade, and Empires 1500-1700


(Toledo, OH) The University of Toledo, its College of Arts and Sciences, and the UT History Department present the second annual Cultures in Conflict conference. The theme of this year's two-day conference is "Oceanic Encounters, Trade, and Empires, 1500-1700."

All sessions will be held in room 2591 of the UT Student Union, and are open to the public.

Friday, 14 April 2006
Session One: The Atlantic World....10:30-12:45
Chair: Peter Linebaugh, UT

Joseph C. Dorsey, Purdue University, “El Cabildo de San Juan Bautista de Puerto Rico: la Audencia de Santo Domingo, y la Casa de Contratacion de Sevilla, 1530–1595”

Arne Bialuschewski, Brown University, “Black People under the Black Flag: Piracy and the Slave Trade on the West Coast of Africa, 1718–1723”

Jorge Chinea, Wayne State University, "Diasporic Marronage: Some Colonial, Intercolonial and Global Repercussions of Slave Flight."

Charles Beatty Medina, UT, "Refashioning Resistance: Marronage in Esmeraldas and the Atlantic Dialogue of Incorporation."

Sherwin Bryant, Northwestern University, “Centering the Margins: The Transatlantic Slave Trade to Quito and the Expanding Boundaries of the Atlantic World.”

Session 2: The Indian Ocean.....2:30-4:30
Chair: Glenn J. Ames, UT

Michael S. Laver, University of Pennsylvania, “A Strange Isolation: the Japanese, the Dutch, and the Asian Economy in the Seventeenth Century”

Ronald S. Love, University of West Georgia, “The Embassy of the Chevalier de Chaumont to the Kingdom of Siam, 1685”

Michael Brooks, University of Toledo, “Prester John: An Examination of the Mythical Figure who fueled European Expansion”

Nicole Creech, The University of Toledo, “The Estado da India and the East India Company, 1640–1680: The Role of Religion in the Transfer of Bombay”

Carl Sobocinski, Kent State University–Stark, “French Missionary Activities in Madagascar during the 17th Century”

Saturday, 15 April 2006

Session 3: Cross–Cultural Exchanges.....10:15-12:15
Chair and Comment: Charles Beatty Medina, UT

Glenn J. Ames, The University of Toledo, “The livro de alforria from the Historical Archive of Goa: A Preliminary Statistical Analysis”

Timothy Walker, The University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, “The Slavery Question in Seventeenth Century Portuguese India”

Jeffrey Irvin, The University of Toledo, “Paradigm and Praxis: Mozambique and the Limits of Portuguese Mercantilism”

Pedro Machado, New York University, “The Gujarati–Mozambique Nexus of Trade, 1700–1800”

Matthew Romaniello, George Mason University, “’Our Civility and decent way of living:’” Anglo–Russian Conflict over the Tobacco Trade”


Anonymous said...
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Hooda Thunkit said...

So Mike, how did your presentation go?

(I should have known by the title, that you'de be in the mix somewhere)


historymike said...

Fine, thanks for asking, Hooda.

I have a wicked cold right now with laryngitis, but my vocal cords held up through my presentation and the Q&A.