Apr 22, 2006

Early News From Lansing Nazi Rally


(Lansing, MI) Left: Aerial view of NSM members getting ready to caravan to state capitol, courtesy of WZZM - Grand Rapids

The Lansing State Journal is reporting that the totals for the National Socialist Movement (NSM) rally in the Michigan state capitol are 800 protesters and 75 Nazis.

I received a phone call from a member of the antifa who said the Nazis numbered "60-70," and that "there may be a thousand protesters."

The caller said that the Nazis cannot be heard because their "sound system is pathetic" and that the chants of the protesters "are drowning out the fascists."

Addendum, 4:09 pm: WWJ Radio 950 in Detroit had a reporter on the scene who just provided an update. He said that there have been 11 arrests so far for various protest-related infractions, including disorderly conduct.

The on-site reporter said that "the Nazis were outnumbered by reporters 81-77" by his count.

He added that there were an additional 500 people attending the city's diversity rally held away from the state capitol.

True to form, Bill White of the NSM is saying that the NSM had 120 or more people. That's at least a 50% inflation rate over the numbers provided by on-site observers.

Addendum, 4:49 pm: Bill White's count is now up to 160 NSM supporters. He claims that there were 40 in the crowd in addition to his count of 120. Let the spin continue.

White also adds that NSM members were left in the motel rooms, lost in the caravans, and denied entry by police, although he has yet to claim that the Jew-dominated media Photo-Shopped out supporters from their photos, like he has at past rallies. I suspect he will continue to play creative accounting games until he gets to a number over 200.

Dear Bill: People might actually take the NSM more seriously if you were not such a notorious liar. Better to say "75 diehard stormtroopers" than to create such laughable - and easily dismissed - fabrications.

Addendum, 5:12 pm: The Lansing State Journal has upped the number of arrests to 15. They counted 800 protesters at the rally, and, coupled with the 500 attendees of the diversity rally at Eastern High School, this brings the score to 1,300 Non-Nazis, 77 Nazis. Sounds like a blowout.


Anonymous said...

Ho - hum. Bill gets his wish, which is publicity.

Anonymous said...

Has Bill White claimed yet that protesters threw "horse feces" at the poor Nazis? That is another favorite claim of his along with the number inflation trick.

Mr. Schwartz said...

Bill said 120 was on the bus. I guess 45 of them got lost from the time they got off the bus to the state capitol.


Anonymous said...

Should anyone on the face of the earth care of Nazis *do* get horse feces thrown at them?

Thousands of good Americans and Europeans and Canadians and Australians died fighting the Nazis. Fuck the Nazis

historymike said...

The "horse feces" comments derived from the December 10 rally in Toledo.

Michael Blevins, aka "VonBluvens," is the mouthpiece of the NSM. He was in Florida providing long-distance commentary on NSM Radio, a podcast the Nazis occasionally run.

He was the first to claim, from his perch in Sarasota, that horse feces was flung by anti-racists at Toledoan Molly Nolan, who was one of the supporters of the Nazis in the protest zone.

I was about 10 feet away from Nolan when the crowd noticed her sign.

Someone DID peg her with a snowball, but no one threw horse feces.

Bill White later repeated the VonBluvens lie, and the two have been alternately denying they said it, or repeating the lie, depending on where their delusional minds are on the given day.

historymike said...

(laughing at Schwartz)

It's always fun to watch Bill White sing and dance around the numbers.

Any guesses on his "final count?" He has gone from 120 to 160 in the first few hours - I am still betting he finds a way to spin these 77 Nazis into 200 or more.

Anonymous said...

Are you counting Nazi supporters who couldn't get into the Nazi rally among demonstrators? I was at a similiar rally in "04 and personally witnessed police and National Park officials give bogus directions to supporters. Still others were denied entry to the rally after the location was changed at the last minute!

historymike said...

I count people on the scene (noting that I sat this one out).

People who get lost - for accidental or nefarious reasons - do not end up in a count. One could make the same argument for anti-Nazis who get lost.

Still waiting for the Bill White spin. He will undoubtedly blame the police, the Jews, the Communists, the blacks, and probably the immigrants for preventing another big chunk of support from not getting to the rally.

June 2005 York PA..............150
October 2005 Toledo, OH.......26
November 2005 Kingston, NY...50 (3 from NSM)
December 2005 Toledo, OH.....38
February 2006 Orlando, FL......25
April 2006 Lansing, MI...........77

The NSM is not exactly setting records for rally attendance, especially considering the combined police protection costs for these rallies is well into the millions now.

Nikki said...

"Should anyone on the face of the earth care of Nazis *do* get horse feces thrown at them?

Thousands of good Americans and Europeans and Canadians and Australians died fighting the Nazis. Fuck the Nazis"


Anonymous said...

Far be it from me to defend Bill White, but let's be honest here -- BOTH sides engage in numbers games. The news coverage of past NSM rallies has been notable for underestimates of NSM numbers and overestimates of counterprotestors. Now in every case, the NSM was outnumbered by usually 2:1 or better. The Michigan papers this time seem to have gotten the numbers right for a change (75-80 Nazis on the capital steps, ~12 in the supporters section, ~7-800 counterdemonstrators). The 500 people at Lansing's diversity festival is an overstatement. Local press reported 200 people -- until it was swelled by post-rally attendees who had come over from the capital. On a final note, historymike's chronology of NSM rallies conspicuously left out their largest recent rally in June 2005 at Yorktown, VA. AP reported 125, but I was on the ground and counted 210. This event was in the pre-Bill White spin era.

historymike said...

Sorry, I wrote "York" instead of Yorktown, and I have the annoying mental glitch of always wanting to call it PA instead of VA.

As a member of the media, I don't engage in numbers-spinning. I look for the most accurate and reliable numbers I can find. Most accounts that I read said 500 or more at the diversity rally yesterday.

Smedley said...

I couldn't help but gawk at the scene for a short time, and it was clear that if the protesters had all gone somewhere else, there would have been no real news coverage and no real story of the nazis. the more interesting story would what the protesters were doing somewhere else. The protesters did far more harm to their own cause than they did good. They fed the Nazis by providing them the spot light and media coverage that they were looking for.