Apr 25, 2006

Egyptian Police Arrest 3 in Dahab Bombings

Left: The bombs destroyed storefronts along the Dahab promenade; photo courtesy of AP.com

(Dahab, Egypt) Egyptian police arrested three people today in relation to the coordinated bomb attack that ripped throught this Sinai beach resort at the height of Egypt's tourist season, killing as many as 40 people and injuring hundreds.

It is not yet known if the suspects have connections with international terrorist organizations, although media reports indicate that a caller claimed responsibility for al Qaeda.

The explosions, however, came a day after Osama bin Laden issued a call to radical Muslims to support al-Qaeda in fighting what he calls "a war against Islam by the Crusaders."

Dahab has long been a destination for western tourists, and traditionally catered to the sort of backpacking, lower-budget vacationers attracted by its scuba diving, deap sea fishing, and inexpensive accommodations. In recent years more upscale facilities have begun to spring up on the coast, including a 5-star Hilton hotel.

Striking as they did in the height of the Coptic Easter season, the bombers likely sought to disrupt Egypt's lucrative tourist trade.

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Stefan Schmidt said...

Last summer, when I was touring Greece, I flirted with the idea of going to the resort town of Sharm El Sheikh—now this would be before the infamous terrorist attacks but still, it is a little unnerving.

I would still like to see Egypt but unfortunately, in the 21st century, I will probably avoid Mesopotamia.

It looks like a nice place, however (and surprisingly inexpensive)