Apr 10, 2006

An Experiment in Search Terms

(Toledo, OH) In February I took part in the great Brrreeeport experiment, in which I created a series of posts using the nonsense word "brrreeeport" to gauge how traffic would build.

The results were rather impressive; for a week my blog generated about 1,000 new, unique visitors before the novelty wore off.

My new experiment, which I learned about from Craig at Lead and Gold, involves using a post with the top Technorati search terms on a given day.

For the next three days I will add an experimental post using that day's top search terms. Here, then, are today's terms:

Sondaggi Elezion
Exit Poll
“Air Force One”
“Yes He Would”
“Jade Seah”
Duke LaCrosse

I will keep the blogosphere updated on the relative merits and/or flaws to this experiment.


historymike said...

Pre-test data:

I have been averaging about 30 uniques and 55 total hits an hour since 5:00.

Total uniques at 9:19 - 673
Total hits at 9:19 - 1097

historymike said...

As of 9:21 this blog is now up as the top Technorati blog for all 15 terms.

Here goes...

historymike said...

That would be "#1 Technorati blog" with "some authority" or less.

This site has not yet cracked into elite status at Technorati as "a lot of authority."

historymike said...

I just modified the post to include three terms that rose in the top 15. I had used an older list from 12:30 pm EST.

historymike said...

Looks like about 25 additional visitors in the 9-10 pm hour, based on the number of Technorati referrals I received.

Lisa Renee said...

Are you having fun?


historymike said...

Oh my, yes. I should be finishing the last 15 pages of my thesis, but I got sidetracked.

historymike said...

OK, 10-11 pm:

Still up about 20 uniques and 35 total hits over normal per hour with this.

The downside is that half of the new visitors are the "click-and-split" type, staying 10 seconds or less.

Lisa Renee said...


There (lmao)

Here I was happy that I had over 70 comments today on Glass City with live blogging the Commissioners debate but after reading how many hits you got merely by using top search terms...*sniff*


historymike said...

Ah - just being a blog-whore.

At least my AdSense took a small pop up. I can't break the terms of my Google agreement and give you exact figures, but you could buy a decent fast-food hamburger on today's $$$.


Lisa Renee said...

Gee, I'm almost tempted to join in with that kind of big money at stake.



historymike said...

OK - dropped to an extra 15 uniques per hour 11-12.

So the first three hours of this post yielded about 60 new unique visitors and about 90 total hits.

The law of diminishing returns kicked in pretty quickly.

Anonymous said...

Easier than that, just a link to my site about a top term.

I found your site on my results!