Apr 11, 2006

Great Black Swamp Blogger Syndicate

(Toledo, OH) I am launching a new web ring of sorts; this will be similar to the Open Trackback Alliance, which you can learn more about from this link.

The premise is simple: members agree to add all members to their blogrolls, and agree to produce a weekly post featuring interesting items found on the pages of other members.

The purpose of the Syndicate will be two-fold: to help connect people in the blogging community of Northwest Ohio, as well as to provide those desired post links that help improve a site's Google page rank.

If interested, email me and I will get you added to the list. Comments on the parameters of the web ring are also appreciated.


Michael said...

Don't think I'd be able to contribute (at least for now), but definitely like your idea. While there have been stories, the Toledo-area bloggers are an unknown but very strong group. (Unknown to a lot of the non-blogging community, I mean.)

Stephanie said...

Ohio gets all the fun...