Apr 11, 2006

The Great Search Terms Experiment, Part Two

(Toledo, OH) In February I took part in the great Brrreeeport experiment, in which I created a series of posts using the nonsense word "brrreeeport" to gauge how traffic would build.

The results were rather impressive; for a week my blog generated about 1,000 new, unique visitors before the novelty wore off.

My new experiment, which I learned about from Craig at Lead and Gold, involves using a post with the top Technorati search terms on a given day.

For the next three days I will add an experimental post using that day's top search terms. Here, then, are today's terms:

1. Immigration
2. Berlusconi
3. Elezioni
4. Duke Lacrosse
5. Myspace
6. Prodi
7. Global Warming
8. “Yes He Would”
9. Youtube
10. Iran
11. Judas
12. Video
13. Duke
14. “Jade Seah”
15. Webaroo

I will keep the blogosphere updated on the relative merits and/or flaws to this experiment.

1 comment:

historymike said...

The numbers are similar to those from last night: 30-35 new uniques the first hour, and then a gradual downhill growth in new visitors thereafter.

In general, a website could expect to see perhaps 125 new visitors and 200 total hits for every post like this one.

Good for traffic-building, but probably limited in value in retaining new readers.

Content is still king.