Apr 1, 2006

Letter to a Friend

You have been a person of whom I think highly, someone whose wisdom I have sought out. It came as a shock today when I learned that you have been dancing with a dangerous drug - cocaine.

You have so much to live for, friend. There are tremendous people in your life, people who love you and who look up to you.

This chemical - whether smoked, snorted or injected - will destroy your life if you continue down this path. I have seen people in the death grip of cocaine, and it is not a pretty sight.

Perhaps no drug is as deceptive and seductive as cocaine. At least heroin users go through severe withdrawal symptoms upon quitting, getting an unpleasant reminder of their addictions; likewise for long-term alcoholics.

Cocaine users, however, can go weeks or months without touching the drug, and they often convince themselves that they have mastery over it. They pronounce themselves "cured," they swear off this satanic stimulant, and pat themselves on the back at their impressive willpower.

That is, until the next binge.

Friend, I do not want to see you jailed or dead. I want you to enjoy the rest of your years on this planet, and not be enslaved to this insidous master.

I want the world to be blessed by your contributions - you have so much to give people- instead of shocked and saddened by what became of you as a result of addiction.

Most of all, I want to be your friend, and that is something that is in jeopardy if you are an addict. I choose to associate myself with people who want to improve the world, as opposed to people who would rather than feed a bottomless appetite for a crystalline alkaloid that sucks the very soul from a person.

And friend, your soul is worth more than that.

Admit your problem and get help before this drug completely destroys everything you have worked for, my friend.


Anonymous said...

I have been in a similar place before, Mike, with a lover. It's the worst position to be in because you want to help but don't want to get dragged down with them.

I hope your friend makes the decison to save his/her life.

Anonymous said...

Very poignant Mike. I hope your friend gets help.

Stephanie said...

Well said, Mike. I hope the friend this letter is meant for reads this and responds positively.

historymike said...

Anonymous #1: Very much agreed. You want to be loyal to a friend in a time of crisis, but who wants to associate with a coke addict? They are about the most unstable people on the planet.

Anonymous #2: Thanks for the compliment and well wishes for Person X. This person, however, has to make that decision, and no one else can "save" them.

Stephanie: Thanks; I too hope that Person X reads this.

Anonymous said...

My lover of 3 years told me tonight that he was going to voluntarily begin testing to ensure that he remains coke-free. I am still in shock and hopped online to research. I appreciate your insight and hope your friend gets well(are you ever considered "cured"?)

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