Apr 9, 2006

Mario Question Cube Teens Avoid Charges

Left: Mario cubes frightened residents of Ravenna

(Ravenna, OH) Criminal charges will not be filed against six teen girls who placed gold-wrapped boxes at locations throughout the city of Ravenna on March 31, according to authorities.

"The girls were imitating an art project which they found on the Internet, said Portage County Prosecutor Victor V. Vigluicci. "None of the girls had any prior contacts with the police or juvenile court and are all good students."

Residents and safety officials in this Ohio town of 12,000 were fearful of the "suspicious" packages when they appeared on April Fool's Day. The Portage County HAZMAT Unit and bomb squad were called to investigate after the packages were discovered.

For those unfamiliar with the Nintendo game Super Mario, the Question Mark cubes give the Mario character special powers, such as invincibility or extra lives.

The girls will be required to write letters of apology to safety agencies that responded to the threat.

There has been no word if the HAZMAT or bomb squads derived any benefit from grabbing the gold cubes.


Name withheld to protect the guilty said...

It's a good thing that no magic mushrooms popped out of the boxes, because then the DEA would have been all over Ravenna, and those girls would have had all their property seized, their bedrooms searched, and their dogs shot.

Hooda Thunkit said...

Just for some magik shroons?

Sounds a little like overkill to me.

historymike said...

True, NWTPG. The post-9/11 American psyche is quick to assume the worst.