Apr 7, 2006

Mary Winkler's Attorneys Suggest She is "Protecting Someone"

Left: Mary Winkler at her arraignment

(Selmer, TN) Attorneys for Mary Winkler, the woman accused of shooting her preacher husband in the back, are floating possible motives for her actions.

Lead attorney Steve Farese, part of the "Memphis Dream Team" that is defending Winkler, suggested that she may be taking the fall for unknown reasons.

"She may be trying to protect someone or something," said Farese Wednesday, adding that Winkler has only her lawyers "10 percent of the story."

Defense attorney Leslie Ballin discussed Winkler's psychiatric evalutations.

"We have begun the evaluation process she has seen a psychiatrist on Friday," he said. "It's my understanding the evaluation is not being close to being completed."

The first-degree murder case against Mary Winkler is scheduled to be presented to the grand jury in June.


Anonymous said...

Who could she be protecting?

wordsmith said...

As I understand, there were only 4 people in the house. Mary, Matt, and their two daughters.

wordsmith said...

Oops, sorry, 3 daughters. But I doubt if she'd be taking the fall for something the baby did. Can a 6 or an 8 year old girl raise a shotgun?????

This is an interesting angle to consider.

Subcomandante Bob said...

Some people surmise that there could be a boyfriend involved.

Hooda Thunkit said...

A boyfriend?

Who's boyfriend; these days, there are 5 possible answers to that question.

Anonymous said...

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