Apr 6, 2006

McKinney Changes Her Tune


Left: Cynthia McKinney, courtesy of Associated Press

(Washington, DC) Embattled representative Cynthia McKinney just finished addressing the House moments ago.

McKinney apologized for the "misunderstanding," and praised the members of the Capitol Police department. The Georgia congresswoman had previously suggested that the department engages in racial profiling.

McKinney has been accused of striking an officer after he tried to stop her from entering a House office building without going through a security checkpoint last week.

The lawmaker also added that she wil sign a House resolution praising the work of Capitol Hill police.

Meanwhile, a grand jury is investigating the incident, and McKinney could be indicted as early as today on charges of assault. Two aides to the congresswoman have been subpoenaed.


Anonymous said...

McKinney is a wack job and a racist.

historymike said...

I don't know about "wack job" or racist, but I do agree that McKinney's about-face was surprising.

Someone must have advised the congresswoman that she was making a fool out of herself.

What is most disturbing is that people who truly face discrimination will find it harder to get people to believe them after Cynthia's tirade.

Dear Cynthia: Everything negative that happens to you is not the result of racial discrimination.

Also - have you ever considered that you might just rub many people the wrong way; not because you are black or female, but because you are an arrogant elitist?

Finally - if you really believed that you were the victim of racial discrimination, you should have stuck to your guns. Giving up like this makes people believe that you cried "race" for your own personal benefit.

Stephanie said...

I take her apology for what it is and forgive her for her behavior and hope those more directly involved do so as well.

Dariush said...

McKinney's got more balls than all the male congressmen put together.

I'd have some more hope and faith in the system if there were more people like her and Ron Paul on Capitol Hill -- as opposed to crooks, swindlers, powermad mini-Machiavellis and shameless sycophants.

The more those people I just mentioned hate her, the more my respect and admiration for her grows.

The way things are right now, you're doing something wrong if you're not "rubbing people the wrong way."

Good on her. Next time go for the family jewels. Turn him into a sow.

Lady Lydia Speaks said...

Could I get away with striking an officer? I don't think so, no matter what color I am. As for crying oppression, if she really wanted to look like a victim, she should not have struck the officer. That looks agressive, not helpless or innocent or victim.

Anonymous said...

Do a google search on McKinney and you'll find that she is well-known for making very outrageous statements.

She struck a police officer, for crying out loud.

No excuse for that.

We also should expect more from the people's representatives.

I find it hard to accept her apology knowing that an indictment could be issued by the grand jury any moment.

Now, if she had apologized the next day instead of saying "it's because I'm black", then sincerity would have been easier to believe.

Lady Lydia Speaks said...

So do you think she did it for attention?

Anonymous said...

Here's a year old article with some of McKinney's theories/statements about 9/11 among other things:


Anonymous said...

the link did not work.

historymike said...

I don't think McKinney really believes what she said; I think she was going to slip the race card in and hope people would back off.

However, Wolf Blitzer nailed her on her attempt, and she made it even worse by denying she ever said "racial profiling."

I also think that if there was rampant racism among the Capitol Police we would have seen at least a few DC people defending her.

The talk-radio shows have been having a blast at her expense, replaying some of the more inane comments she made.

My guess - this was an attempt to be sneaky and it blew up in her face.

Lisa Renee said...


There's the link Jason was trying to post. (Jason if it is a long link you are better off to use the a href= html tag to make it work)

Personally I think if she would have apologized before this went to a Grand Jury it might have made a difference.

Dariush said...

To continue, anyone who gets on the wrong side of the Weekly Standard is OK in my book.

"She struck a police officer, for crying out loud."

Oh, shudder gasp!

Quick, somebody fitch a rope!

Anonymous said...

Ordinary citizens get extra punishment for striking police officers. She didn't look like some weak helpless person that was being picked on because of her race or gender. Police have to abide by the law. To be consistent, she is in just as much trouble for striking a police officer as anyone else would be. If you think it is worth making fun of, try it yourself and see how seriously they take it.

Anonymous said...

dariush: you think its no big deal if she hit a police officer? Got any reason why the department is so strict about that sort of thing, or should we all be allowed to do it?

historymike said...

Dariush has a streak of anarchy in him, and I recognize his sardonic comment.

It's not any anti-authoritarian sentiment on her part that irritates me so much as the elitist arrogance McKinney exudes.

"Those officers should KNOW me," was the tone of her initial comments, as though she were someone particularly special.

(I'm too lazy at the moment to look for any exact quote, but that sums her attitude up fairly well).

No, Cynthia - you are just another one of the many thousands of policy wonks who suck at the teat of the American taxpayer, and you should be subjected to the same security procedures as everyone else.

Hooda Thunkit said...

McKinney is a RACIST pure and simple.

Her track record is testimony to that.

She pulled back her horns (sort of) just enough to put the recent fire out (she hopes). Then, she can do it all over again when the next opportunity presents itself.

If only there was a smidgen of sincerity evident...

Dariush said...

"Police have to abide by the law."

What's the going rate on apartments in La-La Land nowadays?

-Sepp said...

She's a scumbag. The carbon negative of David Duke as I see it. Her race card is nothing but a worn out joker. The black female version of Joe McCarthy who sees racism in the ranks of everybody and everything. The really sick part is that people actually elected this nutcase into public office.

Anonymous said...

She didn't have her i.d. so she was required to go through the metal detector. She tried to go around it, and then was accosted by a security officer. I don't see that she had any call to hit the security officer.

-Sepp said...

She can't understand the difference between equal treatment and special treatment. I hope that a judge shows her the exact same treatment that "Joe Citizen" gets when he strikes police officers.

Dariush said...

Sepp, apparently the only thing you and I have in common is a love of both Poe and Jim Morrison.

Although, there is something deeply ironic about a Jim Morrison fan becoming a police officer.

Especially one who smiles inwardly when he considers the fate of any "Joe Citizen" who dares raise a hand against his "betters."

Stephanie said...


Laws protecting police officers is not about "betters" (that's McKinney's mindset, not the mindset of police officers as a whole), it's about safety. Police officers risk their lives every day. If the laws allowing for stricter punishments for those who hurt/kill cops keep a few more of them alive, all the better.

-Sepp said...

Nope, not a cop. I do counter terrorism work and security training and evaluations. I don't "smile inwardly" or otherwise when considering Joe Citizen since he and I are one in the same. An educated person who is elected to congress and called a "LAWMAKER" should know all the better what penalties there are for assaulting a police officer or anyone else for that matter. My point (obviously missed by you) was that she should get the exact same penalty that you, I or, anyone else would get for striking a uniformed police officer who was doing nothing more than his job. I enter secure areas all the time and MUST show ID for access even to people who have known me well for over 7 years. Why? Because it's a requirement for entry AND because it's that person's job to ask for it. Should
I ever attempt what she had done, I would be fired and lose my access credentials for every installation in the industry I serve. Her bid for special treatment failed and her ego got the best of her. I hope she gets the justice she deserves -no more and no less than anyone else in the same situation.
BTW, I know cops, judges, sheriff deputies and other "authority" types that are Doors fans, Zappa fans, and, old school Deadheads. You'd be surprised where we turn up.

Jacob said...

I don't think McKinney changed her tune at all. She didn't back down from her claims of racial profiling. She apologized for the situation getting to be such a huge daily story. She should not apologize for anything else. The cop had no real reason to grab her in a forceful way, causing her to strike him. Although I would venture to guess that her "striking" him with a cell phone in her hand wasn't the haymaker punch the media has blown this out to be and probably was more of a "shove off get your hands off of me" type of strike. I would react the same way to someone, cop or not, grabbing me from behind and I bet most of you would too. The cop, with all his cop training, should have simply taken a few extra steps and positioned himself in front of her to stop her. She wasn't running and he wasn't in "hot pursuit." This officer isn't fit to be an officer if he's too lazy to stop someone without grabbing them from behind. It is the cop's job to not escalate a situation and provoke someone. I don't blame McKinney one bit and her claims of racial profiling seem justified to me, when dealing with a police force that has two civil suits against it from former officers claiming racism within the department. I wonder if Dennis Hastert or even Marcy Kaptur would be treated the same way. Even if Marcy grew her hair out one summer I'm sure she would get by security with no problem.