Apr 27, 2006

New Father Gerald Robinson Case Site

Left: Father Gerald Robinson, courtesy of realnews247.com

(Toledo, OH) I am up to my eyeteeth in a thesis and some editing projects (not to mention my work as a journalist), and I have had to pass up on my SECOND chance to go on CNN.

This opportunity was with Nancy Grace. I will probably kick myself in the arse for skipping the TV spot, but there is no way I can pull it off right now. I have written on the case locally, but there are far more up-to-speed people who would make excellent analysts.

CNN - call Bill Frogameni, for one.

Anyways, for those looking for good coverage of the tial, I heartily recommend Toledo blogger Lisa Renee Ward's new site. She has been following the case closely for some time now, and has collected one of the best resource sites around. She doesn't like to use the word "journalist," but her work is as good or better than many of the hacks covering this trial, and she is digging up some of the hidden angles.


liberal_dem said...

Very generous with your comments, as usual, Mike.

historymike said...

There are people way more up on this story than me, ld, and I don't have the time right now to cover this trial. There is over 20 years' worth of material to read, and I am bogged down with too many other projects right now.

Frogameni has been following the Robinson case, plus all the Catholic abuse cases, for about five years now. He has dozens of articles, has done radio and TV, and is one of the most knowledgeable sources on this case.

Plus, he's damned good and he has been getting national publishing credits (Salon.com, Reuters, National Catholic, etc. etc.)

Lisa likes to pretend she is "just a blogger," but she has the tools to run circles around a lot of people in the business of journalism.


One of her fortes is in research, and she digs deeper than most people who have the label of "journalist."

As far as generosity, all of it is earned, but there is also an element of karma involved. When people do nothing but toot their own horns, very soon the only listeners are their own ears and maybe those of their moms.

Maybe on the moms...

Lisa Renee said...

I agree with you on Bill, I linked some one of his articles because it did contain information that wasn't out there.

All I'm trying to do with this story is form a gathering point so it's easier for people to find links to information. I'm trying very hard to keep my own personal opinions to a minimum until the trial is over.

Thanks to the wonders of Court Tv's extra it's almost like being there in the courtroom. Though I do admit I would love to be able to be down there.

Thank you for the compliments, though we both know I am about as good as taking them as you are Mike.


Hooda Thunkit said...

Grea info on yet another Father Robinson site Mike, but Lisa's already my "go to" on this subject.

You and I KNOW that she's a JOURNALIST, she just can't bring herself to saying the name ;-)

Her PROLIFIC blogs,
Her contributions on other sites,
Her Toledo Free Press column,
Her blogging history a few weeks ago,
Her plug on WTVG for her Father Robinson coverage,

Shall I continue?

Lisa, We get the idea, you should too ;-)

(we are NOT worthy, we are NOT worthy, we are NOT worthy. . .)


Anonymous said...

I saw Lisa's blog and personally I think that she her bias is so glaringly obvious.