Apr 8, 2006

Pinch Me: The Detroit Tigers Are 4-0

(Toledo, OH) As a long-suffering Tigers fan, it pleases me no end to see that my team has commencd the 2006 season by winning all four of its first games.

The Tigers have strung together 12 consecutive losing seasons, and in that span have fielded some of the worst teams in baseball history. Only by winning 5 of their last 6 games in 2003 did they avoid the ignominy of a 120-loss season, finishing at 43-119.

The past two seasons have witnessed a return to, well, mediocre status. The Tigers hovered around the .500 mark halfway through each season, faltering in the second halves of 2004 and 2005. For a few months of the the previous seasons, at least, the team offered fans fleeting hopes that they might sneak into a wild-card berth.

2006 brings the beginning of the Jim Leyland era at the helm, plus the addition of Kenny Rogers as a legitimate pitching ace. And, lo and behold, the Tigers lead the major leagues in home runs this morning, swatting 17 round-trippers in the first four games.

Of course, the sheer fact that I write this hopeful missive probably dooms the team to an 8-game losing streak, but for the first time in many, many years I have real hope that my team is a legitimate playoff contender.

Can you say 35-5, anyone?


historymike said...

35-5, by the way, is the record-setting start with which the 1984 Tigers opened the season, en route to a wire-to-wire first place finish and a World Series victory over the San Diego Padres.

Anonymous said...


LTLOP said...

As a suffering Tigers fan as well I'll never make fun of Cleveland teams again. Yeah Right! But maybe this is what the Tigers need, an experienced mgr, no offense to Tram but he was in over his head. He took them as far as he could go. I also understand Trams frustration, I coached Varsity Ball at my high school and taking over a losing program in which ou experienced success kills you on the inside. With Leyland we will probably see more small-ball, bunting, moving the man up a base, hit and run; i.e. good old fashion' baseball with all the rich goodness of a power hitting DH. By the way you should also thank your wife for putting up with you, screaming various obscentities at the tv during the past "few" years.

Long time Lurker .....

karen said...

I sure hope you didn't jinx them, Mike. :)

They sure are fun to watch when they're winning!

I like Nook Logan and was sorry to see him sent down. He'll be good for the Mud Hens, though.

Petrograde said...

Hey man, my Phillies have been almost as bad as the Tigers, althought eh last few years they have at least broken .500.

historymike said...

Sorry, brother, I have to disagree. Here are the last 12 years of patheticity fielded by the Tigers:

2005.....71-91 (.438)
2004.....72-90 (.444)
2003.....43-119 (.265)
2002.....55-106 (.342)
2001.....66-96 (.407)
2000.....79-83 (.488)
1999.....69-92 (.429)
1998.....65-97 (.401)
1997.....79-83 (.488)
1996.....53-109 (.327)
1995.....60-84 (.417)
1994.....53-62 (.461)

12-year Averages

Tigers.....63-93 (.404)
Phillies...74-82 (.479)

Just for grins, the New York Yankees are 94-62 (.603) over the same 12 years, making it to the playoff 11 of those 12 seasons.

They won 4 World Series titles and lost 2 World Series matchups in that span.

historymike said...

And now they are 5-0 after spanking the Rangers 7-0 this evening.

Suss & The Family Stone said...

This is a good sign of things to come, but I don't think this year is a playoff year. Third place would be a pleasant surprise, however.

Hooda Thunkit said...

Cue Twilight Zone theme.

Cue the spirally thingie.

Cue Rod...

Feel better now Mike?