Apr 15, 2006

Selmer Church to Celebrate Easter without Matthew and Mary Winkler

Congregants planting flowers outside Fourth Street Church of Christ

(Selmer, TN) The congregants will file in to Fourth Street Ohurch of Christ tomorrow for Easter services, but they will do so without their spiritual leader, Matthew Winkler.

Minister Winkler was shot on March 21 by his wife, Mary Winkler. A motive for the killing has not yet been announced by prosecutors of the defense team. Mrs. Winkler remains jailed until a June grand jury hearing.

"Yes, church is going to be without the preacher," said Selmer resident Holly Lucas. "Kids are going to be without their daddy, and this time of year family's important."

Defense attorney Steve Farese Sr. said that Mary Winkler appears to be more forthcoming in his recent visits with the accused shooter.

"She appears to be coming out of her initial shock," he said. "She is starting to open more, she is starting to be able to give us more details of the time period surrounding the events."


Hooda Thunkit said...

The congregation must go on.

Glad that Mary is beginning to talk.

Stephanie said...

Presuming guilt? If she's just starting to snap out it, maybe there's going to be more to the story than she shot him.