Apr 18, 2006

Spring Hits My Backyard

Left: Bright red parrot tulips in my garden

(Toledo, OH) I officially declare the arrival of spring at my house. I wait until our tulips bloom before I consider winter to be closed.

There is something inspirational in watching the tulips poke through the ground, arch upward, and bring forth such a burst of color. We have other flowers that compete with the tulips for beauty, but the tulips seem to have an almost in-your-face attitude in the audacity with which they challenge the brown dregs that remain after winter.

Here's hoping the tulips in your life bloom forever.


Peahippo said...

We've had the daffodils up for at least a week now. Where've you been, Mike? Inside, reading, I'd imagine.

'Course, it pissed me entirely the fook off that I put out my big potted houseplants on the day just a couple of nights before the temp fell to 40°F. I was out there, misting them like a madman.

What do you want to bet that we get a solid 2 weeks of sweltering weather in August? Grumble.

My predicted mild weather for 2005/6 pretty much happened, however. The bulk of the snow fell during early winter, then it essentially ceased. The rest of the winter was snowless exactly as the Farmer's Almanac forecast. 2005/6 was a below-average snow winter. The cool weather persists, however.

Since it's unlikely to get 2 mild winters in a row, we'd better prepare for a snowy winter for 2006/7. 2004/5 was snowy, but largely snow remained on the ground for months. The chance of getting truly socked in is growing.

BTW, if anyone has an old, working or "needs work" snowblower they'd like to get rid of, just let me know, and I'll show up in a truck to haul it away for you. :^)

-Sepp said...

Lillies are up but, not ready to flower. Daffs are out in full force and, hostas are unraveling as I write this. My yard is going to kick ass this year if, the lawn cooperates. Too late peahippo, a neighbor trashed an old Toro blower this morning in his trash. A few hours sooner and I'da grabbed it for ya.

WomanHonorThyself said...

aw..bootiful!..I still have crab grass..lolz

historymike said...

I have crabgrass aplenty, womanhonorthyself. I am not much of a lawn perfectionist; I pull the biggest weeds and keep the grass cut/trimmed, but I never use chemicals.

My earliest flowers started blooming on Saturday, Peahippo. I've been sicker than a chocolate-eating dog the last 4 days, and just got some energy today to go out and cut the grass.

My hostas are shooting up too, sepp. They are my favorite plant because they require so little TLC beyond watering.

Hooda Thunkit said...

The flowers have been blooming across the way at the condos for a few weeks already but my daffs have yet to develop heads ;-(

But, once they do :-)

Stephanie said...

You mean I have to wait for the tulips?

Sometimes it sucks living in Wisconsin!