Apr 14, 2006

Update: Lost in the Outback


(Birrindudu, Australia) An Australian man lost in the Outback for 10 weeks said that he survived on a diet of frogs, grasshoppers, and leeches.

"I ate the leeches raw, straight out of the dam, grasshoppers I just ate them," said Ricky Megee Thursday. "But the only thing I really sort of had to cook was the frogs. I slipped them onto a bit of wire and stuck the wire on top of my humpy (bush shelter), let the sun dry them out a fair bit until they were a bit crispy and then just ate them."

Megee is not quite sure how he became lost in the Australian wilderness; some reports said that his car had broken down, while others speculated that a hitchhiker may have assaulted him.

"The last thing I remember was driving up the road and getting a bit dazed and confused," he said. "The next thing was waking up, face down, in a hole. There was some plastic on me with some rocks and dirt thrown on top."

His underground reverie was broken in an unusual manner.

"What woke me was that there were four dingoes scratching the rocks to try to get at me," he said.

The emaciated man was found by farm workers at a rough shelter on the banks of a dam on a remote cattle property in the Northern Territory. Megee, who is believed to be from Queensland, was suffering from severe malnutrition and exposure.

Mark Clifford, who manages the Birrindudu cattle station, said the area was one of the "most isolated places in Australia."

"It's probably not too bad out there if you've got a hardy constitution, which he obviously does," Clifford said. "It's the middle of the wet season at the moment, so he had enough water to keep himself in a decent state. So it's not as hard as people think. And there's lots of frogs and snakes and lizards about. They don't give you much nutrition, but they give you enough. Still, he was 105 kilos [230lb] before it happened and was 48 kilos afterwards."


Anonymous said...

Gad! He WAS skinny!

Stephanie said...

Not the best sort of diet...

I'm glad he's found safe and relatively sound. I hope the figure out what happened to him.

Hooda Thunkit said...

Ribs anyone??


Stephanie said...


Anonymous said...

I know this guy. He dated my sister just over a year or so ago. I can garuantee he went on a drug binge and that's how he wound up out there. Rick did all sorts of drugs when he was dating my sister and has some major issues. He brought this whole thing on himself

Anonymous said...

How or why he ended up there is now not relevant.... The fact of the matter is what an amazing story of survival..... You are one amazingly tough fella Rick.....