Apr 25, 2006

Warning: Stepped-Up I-475 Patrols

(Toledo, OH) With construction near I-475 and US-23 in Sylvania the Ohio State Patrol has increased the number of traffic cars on both eastbound and westbound I-475.

Of particular note to motorists is the hiding place on westbound I-475, where merging traffic from southbound I-75 meets the freeway.

I have seen a car there each of the last three days, and they are busy collecting revenue - I mean protecting public safety - for the state of Ohio.

Personally, I hope to never again get a ticket. I have been point-less for some time now (some would say I have always been pointless, but that is another story), and the decline in insurance rates is an added bonus.


Anonymous said...

Too late. Already got popped last week for 15 over.

historymike said...

Sorry to hear, that, anonymous. Tickets suck, especially when you get one on an open freeway.

ToledoNative said...

If they really want to 'protect public safety,' they should be patrolling the I280 bridge project work zone. I do the speed limit,and there is ALWAYS some jerk going over the speed limit.

Kill two birds with one stone, because the fines are doubled in work zones!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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historymike said...

Perhaps, Mr. Spammer, you do not notice that I delete spam. I get email notices of every post, and I can delete 'em faster than you can post 'em.

-Sepp said...

I-75 is the city's local cash cow. Every so often you will see up to 10 cop cars and an airplane and the cop chopper nailing people northbound at the Alexis road ramp and the Ottawa river road ramp. Strange how the fender benders increase in those two spots while the cops are busy generatin cash...er "saving lives".

Mrs. Phoenix said...

Hey, cops need money too

Name withheld to protect the guilty said...

Yes, cops need money, but setting up a good chunk of their budget as enforcement dollars (tickets, drug seizures) only encourages abuses. Like this one.

Hooda Thunkit said...


I too, am reaping the benefits of generous insurance discounts and have been point free for MANY years.

I also avoid I-75 and especially I-475 whenever possible.

I've driven the trail to 475 to Berdan only once since the Berdan exit was closed for maintenance a year or so ago, opting for the surface streets and the relative calm they bring during drive time.

And, I don't miss the madness one bit.