May 11, 2006

Attorneys for Father Gerald Robinson Plan to Appeal


Left: Father Gerald Robinson awaiting the verdict

(Toledo, OH) Defense attorneys for Father Gerald Robinson, convicted today of murder in the 1980 slaying of Sister Margaret Ann Pahl, announced that they will appeal the jury's verdict.

"We certainly respectfully disagree with the jury’s verdict and intend to appeal," said lead defense attorney Alan Konop. "It’s been a very difficult verdict. We felt there was reasonable doubt. Obviously the jury disagreed...That’s the way the system works."

Konop declined to specify the grounds upon which the appeal would be based.

The jury in the case took 6-1/2 hours to reach its verdict, surprising most observers. Judge Thomas Osowik immediately pronounced a sentence of 15 years to life on Robinson, who could become eligible for parole in as few as 10-1/2 years.


Gary said...

So..."Thou shalt not kill" applies unless you are one of ours...then we will fight for your freedom, send you to the confessional, and immediately welcome you into the Lords arms.


What happened to "practice what you preach?"

Hooda Thunkit said...

Maybe Alan will appeal on the grounds that Robinson got a lackluster defense.

Anonymous said...

Mike, I think you have the courtroom comment made to Vercelloti of SNAP, wrong. She was seated next to the Ap press, Blade and Reuters behind her when Barbara Robinson stopped at Vercelotti's chair and stated, I hope you burn in hell. When Vercellotti looked up, she said, I hope you rot in hell. Vercellotti never said a word back (which was surprising, given how little she tolerates the catholic backlash of her group). I saw this live and the court tv reporter even commented, how inappropriate it was for Barbara Robinson to say that to Vercelotti who was there representing SNAP.

By the way, I was surprised you actually recommend Lisa Renee Ward's blog. You must not read it closely, it's the most biased blog spot, I've ever read. She makes no bones about where she stands and seems to tolerate anything less from others, deleting posts she doesn't agree with.

She seems anti-anything that isn't pro-Catholic.


historymike said...

Hi B-K:

Read down further - I have additional coverage of the "rot in Hell" statement by Bill Frogameni, who witnessed it.

You are correct that Claudia did not say that; I was reporting what I heard the first Court TV host say.

They later reported the comment correctly. I think that the confusion of messages being relayed through cell phones may have led to the initial confusion at Court TV.

As far as Lisa's site, I admit that she has her biases, but she did a great job provifding multiple daily updates and providing links to other information. In my opinion her blogging provided a valuable local perspective that rivaled many media outlets.

I have not known Lisa to delete posts, save when spammers show up or when people get obscene. Do you have a link to an example of that?