May 14, 2006

Brazilian Site Compared to Stonehenge


(Amapa, Brazil) Archaeologists in Brazil found a stone structure that predates European colonization in the Amazonian state of Amapa. The site is believed to be an observatory or place of worship, and archaeologists say that the designers of the site displayed a sophisticated knowledge of astronomy.

The traditional views of the history of the Amazon region emphasize that advanced civilizations did not evolve there. Pottery fragments on the site are about 2,000 years old.

"Only a society with a complex culture could have built such a monument," said archaeologist Mariana Petry Cabral, of the Amapa Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (IEPA).

The 127 stones, each weighing several tons, were placed upright and evenly spaced around the site.

The Amapas discovery was announced just days after another ancient observatory was discovered in the Peruvian Andes.

The Andean site includes an observatory that was built on top of a 33-foot-tall pyramid, and it contained precise alignments and sightlines consistent with an astronomical calendar.

"It's really quite a shock to see sculptures of that sophistication coming out of a building of that time period," said archeologist Richard L. Burger of Yale University.


Praguetwin said...

So they rewrite history, again, until they find something else that forces them to rethink their preconceptions. Ancient history is a lot of guessing and story building, isn't it?

historymike said...

Yes, a lot of educated guesswork when there is no written record, praguetwin.

Of course, even when there are written documents, the writing of history has an element of speculation to it.

Dariush said...

Very interesting stuff.

Archeology magazine's website linked to a BBC article about this discovery in the Amazon.

Being the dyed-in-the-wool diffusionist that I am, I'm also waiting to see what Ancient American, Atlantis Rising and ViewZone are going to have to say about all this.

Maggie Thurber said...

I loved seeing the stone monuments in England...thanks for the news of new old ones being found!

Hooda Thunkit said...

I'm thinking that maybe history should never be written (chiseled) in stone.

That level of accuracy and sophistication must be supported elsewhere in their culture, or is the rest of their culture lost?

Something isn’t right here.