May 14, 2006

Cabbie Mistaken for Patent Expert on BBC

Left: Unknown cabbie gave his best

(London) A BBC news segment on the court case between Apple and the Beatles' record company of the same name took a strange twist when a hurried producer inadvertantly grabbed a nearby cabbie instead of the intended guest expert.

To his credit the cabbie managed to play along with the interviewer, although his thick French accent probably helped obscure his lack of knowledge on patent law. The real expert was Guy Kewney, editor of

Follow this link to see the interview.

The best part occurs at the beginning of the interview; the momentary look of surprise on the unknown cabbie is priceless.

The BBC apologized for the incident, and admitted that "unfortunately we did make a mistake and the wrong guy was briefly interviewed on air before we cut to our reporter."


ToledoNative said...

Somebody posted a message on another board *cough-Democratic Underground-cough*. The guy did his was very funny.

Anonymous said...

This was hilarious!

Anonymous said...

The look on the guy's face cracks me up - I had to replay it four times.

Andrew of Arabia said...

Oh wow, that is just fantastic. Who hasn't been in his position before? We all just try to stumble through an answer and hope it makes sense!