May 22, 2006

Email Scam - Work From Home

(Toledo, OH) In my email today was an invitation from an Olga Orlova to join a company called The company is allegedly hiring people for "Correspondence manager," "Shipping manager," and "Regional agent/money manager" positions.

Aside from the fact that the site is rife with grammatical errors, and that the website was privately registered exactly 12 hours ago, the opportunity sounds intriguing. One need only work "8-10 hours week" to earn $38,000 per year, with "pay oyts every 2 weeks."

From the email:

Logikpost company is looking for new candidates for the shipping manager position. We are the world's largest global transportation company, operating in more than 18 countries and territories and employing 200 people worldwide. Many Internet auctions and stores in the US do not ship the products overseas. As the result thousands of customers in Europe and Asia are not able to access the large market and purchase high-quality merchandise at so low prices. Our service is in the ever-growing demand. Today we have more then 80 merchandise managers on the territory of the United States and Canada but quantity of our customers increases and we plan to expand.

Olgo Orlova, by the way, is the name of a singer who was in the popular Russian girl group Blestyashchie (Блестящие, or "The Brilliants") before she became pregnant. So this is perhaps the equivalent of getting an email from Ginger Spice about a job opportunity.

There is also an aristocratic historical figure named Olga Orlova, who was the daughter of Prince & Princess Konstantin Belosselsky-Belozersky. She was related to the Romanovs and also Queen Victoria of England.

The company provides only P.O. boxes and fax numbers, plus addresses. They also are very desirous to work with people who have PayPal accounts, which most likely means that they will try to scam you out of your password or account number.

They might even be designing a scam in which you must first "secure" your payment with a "deposit" that, of course, will rapidly vanish.

"Olga" has the following email addresses for willing dupes: and

If you get taken by, you will at least have the satisfaction of knowing that either a pop star or Russian nobility stole your money.


Anonymous said...

I got that same one today, but I deleted it.

historymike said...

Good call, anon.

-Sepp said...

I'll keep that in mind HM. I'm certain these people will be after the million dollars that nice Diplomat from the Liberian government is sending me when we unfreeze the assets that he found forgotten in the national bank there.

historymike said...


Check out Ebola Monkey Man for an amusing take on how some creative people get back at Nigerian scam artists.

Hooda Thunkit said...

Does anybody still fall for these scams (again)?

Anonymous said...

This is an eBay scam run by a phishing gang. The Russian gang running the scam uses phished eBay details to purchase goods on eBay. The seller ships to the people hired by "". They then reship the stuff to Russia. The payment by fake credit card or hacked PayPal accounts bounces. The seller calls the cops who arrest the "employee". The gang doesn't care, because by then they have the seller's laptop or whatever and won't be traced.

No parcel remailing job offer is legitimate, EVER. Same goes for any offer that involves forwarding payments in your bank account, cashing checks or forwarding PayPal payments. They are all scams.