May 16, 2006

Guy Goma: Update on BBC Snafu

Left: Guy Goma, BBC star and would-be employee

(London) In a previous post, I described a BBC news segment on the court case between Apple and the Beatles' record company of the same name that took a strange twist. A hurried producer inadvertantly grabbed a a person described as a "cabbie" instead of the intended guest expert.

The "cabbie" was actually a man named Guy Goma, who was in the process of applying for a job in the BBC's IT department.

To his credit Goma managed to play along with the interviewer, although his thick French accent probably helped obscure his lack of knowledge on patent law. The real expert was Guy Kewney, editor of Guy, meet Guy.

Follow this link to see the interview.

The best part occurs at the beginning of the interview; the momentary look of surprise on the face of Guy Goma is priceless.

The BBC apologized for the incident, and admitted that "unfortunately we did make a mistake and the wrong guy was briefly interviewed on air before we cut to our reporter."

There is no word yet on whether Goma received the IT position with the BBC.


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This is absolutely hysterical. I saw a clip of the playback. Guy has a deer in the headlights thing going and then he starts to slide into the role.

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Some producer out there has to be smart enough to try to get Guy Goma as a regular commentator. Whatever the issue, ask Guy!