May 23, 2006

Historymike Hits MSNBC

(Toledo, OH) A big tip of the hat to Jake at Phillies 2008, the website for Libertarian presidential candidate George Phillies, who forwarded me the link to an MSNBC clip featuring my blog.

Click here for the video.
The segment briefly discusses an essay I wrote about Loretta Nall, the Libertarian Party candidate for governor in Alabama.


Michael said...

Congrats! Glad to see some good pub, esp. after you had to turn down a couple opportunities a couple weeks ago.

Stefan Schmidt said...


Oh, Nice to see you again. ;)

historymike said...

Thanks for the kudos, Michael and Stefan.

As for the pic, I got into a funk some time ago when the NIM Buster crowd started photoshopping my picture in bizarre and obscene ways, but I have changed my tune.

Being Photoshopped, I have begun to believe, is a sign that one has "arrived."

Anyways, I think the MSNBC mention is more a testament to the power of blogs to help drive debate than it is about my merits as a writer.

There are plenty of writers who can run rhetorical circles around me. Blogs, however, are an emerging media in and of themselves, and those writers who recognize the potential of the blog are those who can get noticed in a crowded market.

-Sepp said...

I'm glad you are seeing some national spotlight and, I hope Nall gets elected.

Suss & The Family Stone said...

Ooh, the screenshot funk.

That's way cool Mike. Back in February something I wrote for Blogcritics was mentioned on ESPN2's "Cold Pizza" and shown on TV in that same light. It was a piece making fun of one of the show's co-hosts.

By the way, those moving desks? Kind of Price is Right-y.

historymike said...

Matt SUssman also had the brilliance of creating the NFL-Scrabble prediction scheme, in which he had amazing results using the Scrabble point value of QB names as a means of guessing the outcome of games.

This idea got him mentions on hundreds of media sites, and brought him untold fame and glory.

Word is that he pocketed millions on product endorsements alone.

Lisa Renee said...

Way to go Mike!

(Lisa does happy chair dance)


Do said...


May we have your autograph now, before you forget us 'little people'? :)

historymike said...

(joins Lisa in the happy chair dance, but steps on her toes)

historymike said...

(sends DO a vitual autograph)

Suss & The Family Stone said...

Yes, I stored my millions and kept my day job because gosh darnit I just love working hard.

BrianMaxson said...


Congrats on your start in your new elevated position on the blogosphere.

See if you can get the freebie goody bag with the Gucci pencil sharpeners and some CNN tonic water for me when you're in Larry King's "green room".



Brian said...

Excellent Mike!

We'll all be saying "we knew him when he blogged about Toledo."

liberal_dem said...

Add my congratulations as well. You are a fine writer with a diverse repertoire of ideas.

Anchorage Activist said...

Congratulations, Mike. Nice to see another blogger hit the big time.

Having read your posts during the past 6 months, I can see why. Today - MSNBC; tomorrow - O'Reilly.

Hooda Thunkit said...

Congrats Mike!

This is awesome!

Just remember us (the "little" people), when you're a big time TV personality and widely recognized Blogging Guru.

I'll be proud to tell everyone who will listen that, "I knew Mr. Brooks BEFORE he became famous and got that big head :-)

Dariush said...


I was gonna post "remember the little people" line, but I see that Hooda's beat me to it.


Anyway, congratulations Mike.

Kate said...

Nice..this finally loaded for me. Hey dude, you're infamous. :-)~

Anonymous said...

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