May 17, 2006

The Latest on Mary Winkler: Mother, Inmate, Enigma

(Selmer, TN) The case of Mary Winkler, the woman who is accused of shooting and killing her husband Matthew on March 21, continues to perplex those involved with the case as well as average citizens.

Winkler spent Mother's Day in the McNairy County, and her children have not seen their mother since her arrest on March 23.

"She didn't want them to see her here,"said McNairy County Sheriff Ricky Roten.

The media continue to seek out Winkler for interviews, said Roten, adding that one reporter attempted to pose as a minister.

"I told him that male ministers can't see female prisoners," said Roten. "He didn't seem to know that."

The lead attorney of the so-called "Memphis Dream Team," Steve Farese, Sr., was cagey during an interview with Bill Hemmer of FOX News today. Hemmer posed a few theoretical defenses to Farese, including the idea that the shooting was accidental.

"That may or may not be accurate. What our defense will be will be exposed at the time of trial," he told Hemmer. "I really don't want to get into those issues, but that's not farfetched."

Hemmer also raised the possibility that Winkler's defense team will pursue post-parttum depression as a defense.

"I think that there will not be a singular-type defense," he said. "I think it may be a culmination of many collateral issues that came into the Winklers' lives, so I would not rule out anything."

Farese told Hemmer that Mary Winkler is cooperating with authorities and her defense team.

"Yes, she is cooperating. I met with her again yesterday, Bill, and each time I meet with her more trust is gained and I'm learning and having new insights into the case," he said. "She is much more responsive, but you would have to understand that yesterday - immediately following Mother's Day - she has not been allowed to see or talk to her children at this point."

Farese suggested that relations with Matthew Winker's parents, who have temporary custody of the three Winkler girls, may be starting to strain.

"We've been trying to cooperate with the paternal grandparents in this may be getting a little tenuous at this time," he said. "The children are seeing psychologists as far as we know - that's what we have been told - and we're waiting to see what the psychologists say before we attempt to arrange any visits."

The Mary Winkler case goes before the grand Jury June 12, and Farese believes that the case will begin on June 14.


Anonymous said...

God alone should judge and not you what happened between Mary and Matthew is in God's hands and the courts and you should stay out of it.

Kate said...
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historymike said...

Last item deleted at author's request.

historymike said...


1. I am not "judging" anyone; if anything, I have been sympathetic to Mary Winkler.

2. Agreed that the matter ultimately gets decided by God, and temporally by the courts, but I write about things that interest me.

If you do not like this site, then mosey elsewhere, bubba (or bubbette). I do not run a popularity contest here.

Anonymous said...

You are judging her by calling her a criminal only God can judge.

Kate said...

I don't know where that information is coming from - Jesus advocated that his followers follow the law of the land so long as doesn't interfere with the will of God. He also gave the 10 commandments to Moses and that's primarily what our criminal law is based upon. It is expected that we will have the fortitude to enforce those rules to the best of our abilities.

That would include separating people who are dangerous, either voluntarily or involuntarily from the rest of society.

It is expected by both God and our community.

The judgment of the disposition of this woman's SOUL however - belongs to God and God alone. And that is for eternity - not a human lifetime.

But while she's here, she will have her day in court. And hopefully all the help that she needs.

Kate said...

Wow do I need to correct that last post. Jesus didn't give the 10 commandments to Moses :-)

Knocking head on the desk here

God directly gave them to Moses. Alot of cool stuff going on - burning bushes - parting seas :-)

Bornfree said...

GET REAL! We judge ourselves and each other all the time.

angel said...

i don,t care what matthew winkler did thats no reason to kill someone i believe she should get death pentalty

angel said...

i believe mary winkler should get life and there is no excuse to kill someone may matthew rest in peace