May 26, 2006

Pat Robertson: 2000-Pound Leg Press Savant

I thought celebrity leg pressing stories were strange when I read that Madeleine Albright claims the ability to leg press 400 pounds.

According to the Christian Broadcast Network web site, however, televangelist Pat Robertson of the 700 Club can bench press 2,000 pounds.

For comparison, the leg-press record for football players at Florida State University is 1335 pounds.

CBN spokeswoman Angell Vasko said today that Robertson was not available for comment, but she was enthusiastic about his lifestyle.

"Pat is so healthy," she said. "This is something he trained for over an extended period of time. He lives a very healthy, regimented life."

Addendum, 7:25 pm: CBS Sportsline has a video of Pat Robertson purportedly leg pressing the one ton of weights. If all of the 45.4 kg weights are indeed real, then Robertson is one superbad 76-year-old (he mentions in the video that is 74, so the video is a bit dated).


Anonymous said...

I think it's true. He's been able to carry two tons of bullshit at any one time, so one ton in a leg press should be easy for the flake.

Anonymous said...

F-R-I-G-G-I-N-G hilarious.

Anonymous said...

This has to be a joke! I am betting that Robertson comes back from a Memorial Holiday and has a laugh over putting one past the media.

historymike said...

While I have been one to suspect that Pat Robertson might be losing touch with reality, I like the thinking of anonymous #3.

Kate said...

His legs might be ok - but as a fellow Christian, someone needs to take a scan of his brain.

Maybe he's got a direct pipeline and God's alot different for him than the one that I know - but I'm thinking tumor. And that's sad if no one around him will step up to help him.

Hooda Thunkit said...

And how is that Parkinsons-like shake thing working out for Ahnol... err, Pat?

Curious minds want to know Arn, PPatt.

Peahippo said...

This 2000-LB thing could be a typo, but somehow I'm doubting it. These types of people not only surround themselves with yes-men and spinmeisters, but they are constantly testing out their ability to con the public. Naturally, these cons tend to take on larger or more absurd aspects.

Prediction: Before Robertson dies, there will be a news item outlining his ability to fly. Yes, there will actually be a photo of him "flying". You've gotta keep the gullible fools buying.

liberal_dem said...

god works miracles through his beloved son, Pat.

-Sepp said...

I'll put my money on Orel Robert's 900 foot tall Jesus being able to double Pat's fete any day of the week.
Any takers?

historymike said...

Hey man - you don't mess with a 900-foot tall Jesus. Put my money there.

Lloyd said...

I have to admit this is an odd story, but isn't the saying "with God, all things are possible." I, personally, have a hard time believing it.

Now Madeleine Albright with 400 pounds, I would believe it more if it was Janet Reno, lol