May 4, 2006

"Popetown" to Air in Germany

(Cologne, Germany) The Catholic Church has been unable to block MTV Germany from airing the controversial cartoon series "Popetown." The British-made TV cartoon makes fun of the pope and the Vatican.

A Munich court dismissed calls to ban the cartoon, arguing that the Vatican parody is “too dumb to be insulting".

Bishops from Pope Benedict XVI's home state of Bavaria filed an injunction against the broadcaster, which plannend to show the first episode of the series on last evening.

Many German Christians were upset when MTV ran a magazine ad promoting the cartoon, which featured Jesus coming down from the cross to watch television.

The cartoon features a cast of parodies of Catholic characters including a pope who bounces around the Vatican on a cross-shaped pogo stick. It was originally produced by the BBC , but never aired in Britain.

A 10-episode run in New Zealand sparked outcry over the offensiveness of the cartoon.


Anonymous said...

You don't see the Catholics going apeshit like the Muslims at least.

Name withheld to protect the guilty said...

But is MTV Germany going to run Mohammed cartoons too? Or are they a bunch of hypocrites that only believe in free speech when there are no perceived consequences?

Lisa Renee said...

Most of us who are Catholic have grown accustomed to the bashing. Despite an occasional protest when a show like South Park decides to "honor" us most of us just take it in stride.


Fettisch said...

Bums-Merkel muß leiden in Popetown!

Hooda Thunkit said...



But, we can ignore it. No sense starting a holy war over it...

historymike said...


Not sure that we are comparing apples to aples, but it is a good point.

historymike said...


Another good point. It might be "safe" to take cheap shots at Catholics these days.

historymike said...

Fettisch -

My German is weak, so I am not sure I have the translation right:

"Merkel's bum must suffer in Popetown?"


historymike said...

Agreed, Hooda.

Dariush said...

"It might be 'safe' to take cheap shots at Catholics these days."

Might be? Name one other religion whose public persona has been reduced to one long running gag about pederasty?

If Catholics had any dignity or self-respect left, they would be taking to the streets. They should be taking to the streets.

Here's what I wrote on another forum in response to rioting over the anti-Muslim cartoons. It applies just as well here:


By the way, for those who feel that the riots and violence in the wake of these cartoons solidifies the superiority of their own culture, I just wanted to make a couple of observations.

Just because you've learned to mock, ridicule, deride and defecate on everything that your civilization and your forefathers once held as sacred (or even merely good or beneficient) doesn't give you the right to expect the rest of the world to behave the exact same way and believe accordingly.

I'll quote now from an email I received a few days from a friend (a Dutch Christian)


How can one insult the Western-cultures when a Porno-Star became Member of Parliament in Italy

when the famous Amsterdam-Red-district is built around a cathedral (between two meters of distance, up to 350 meters)

when the society publishes in the local newspapers its sexual-preferences , if not its sexual-perverseness

when the West has no more Taboos; no more self-respect even to its own values

How could the West respect an Arabic-speaking-Prophet ??

when the West does not even respect its own Aramaic-speaking-Jesus !

How can the Occident respect the Orient ??
when the Occident does not respect the Occident


Back to what I was saying now.

The West is suffering from a spiritual problem. One which it seems deadset on importing to the four corners of the earth at point of sword (or bomb, or cruise missile or MOAB). Politics are just an appendage to this far deeper malady. It is not easily rectified by a simple changing of government, or even a revolution. For example, "the drug problem" is something we're constantly hearing about. But I don't believe it's a drug problem -- it's a spiritual problem and the drugs are simply a bad answer to it.

There's lots of other problems and issues which can be viewed in a similar manner. Pro- and anti-abortion forces both view that issue through a distorted lens. For the "anti" it's another indication of the Devil's work; for the "pro" it's a civil rights issue. But the real problem is that this is even an issue at all -- it's simply one more nail in the collective coffin of the West. When a civilization even begins to question the desirability of childbearing, childrearing and the family (because those things detract from the maximum possible enjoyment of individuals) it already has one foot in the grave. Many of you think this is some glad new day of enlightenment. That's because you haven't taken a peek at the history of other great civilizations as they underwent their respective death rattles. The hyperindividuated, atomized man or woman who lives only for himself or herself is nothing new -- it has all occured before in other disintegrating civilizations. Read the books of Livy, Gibbon, the earlier sections of the Bhagavad Gita, the Mayan Book of Chilam Balam for starters.

Then sit back, crack open a beer and self-assuredly ruminate on the superiority of your civilization.