May 12, 2006

Slavery Fan Winston McCuen Stirring the Pot Again

Left: All McCuen wants is a little more slavery

(Cayce, SC) Winston McCuen is a Latin teacher who currently works at Brookland-Cayce High School in South Carolina. He has incurred the wrath of school officials for allegedly making racist remarks in his classrooms at the school.

McCuen was fired from his job at St. Joseph's Catholic High School in Greenville, SC in January 1999 for a variety of behaviors, including his refusal to take down a Confederate flag, refusing to acknowledge the US flag, and sitting during the Pledge of Allegiance.

McCuen has been placed on administrative leave for allegedly discussing in class his views that slavery was a positive institution and that blacks are inferior to whites.

In an interview with WLTX News, McCuen discussed one of his favorite political heroes.

"John C. Calhoun: the greatest South Carolinian in terms of political understanding and wisdom," said McCuen. "And he argued that the institution of slavery was a positive good, and he called it a great good and it was good."

McCuen explained his beliefs in the importance of maintaining slavery in America.

"In America there was a rational assessment saying listen, if we give these people freedom right as they are and you have to go back to see how they were, you can't assume they were like us," he said. "They [blacks] were coming out of the jungles. They had been enslaving each other for centuries in Africa, and in terms of being used to rule of law, they knew none of that."

Left: McCuen with wife in 1999

On the website of American Renaissance, a pro-white advocacy organization, McCuen recently posted the following assessment of slavery:
As the great Calhoun taught: true freedom or liberty is a [Providential] reward for moral and intellectual virtue; while slavery, in most cases historically, is the just [Providential] punishment of the slave himself for his ignorance, sloth and depravity. Certainly, this was the case with black slavery in America — since it unquestionably involved the just and proper subordination of an inferior and uncivilized [black] race by a superior and civilized [white] race.
That being the case, Vesey, Nat Turner, and the rest were at best only little more than a murderous, barbarous rebels against just authority and civilization.

This is why there is no apology to be made for black slavery in America. Indeed, why should today’s whites apologize for the WISDOM of their ancestors?
Of course, by even linking these articles I am just fueling the media frenzy and adding to the attention that this avowed racist draws. However, given the recent "fair and balanced" witchhunts against left-leaning educators like Ward Churchill and Jay Bennish, McCuen deserves a little time of his own.


Anonymous said...

Who the hell would even hire a closet KKK freak like this??? The school district has only itself to blame.

Anonymous said...

Blacks have lower IQs and are inferior. Why are you ashamed of your race?

Read up and stop being ignorant:

M A F said...

Ah, the stuperior logic of the racist mind (McCuen and anon #2). It is good to know that these people don't let facts undermine their beliefs.

You know Mike, I don't have a problem with him sitting during the Pledge of Allegiance. Of course, I do have a problem with the flag he derives his identity from. Doesn't he realize that he waves the flag of a defeated ideology, which didn't survive the test of time?

historymike said...

Anonymous #1: There is no indication that McCuen is a member of the KKK.

In fact, he is quite open about his supremacist views, which at least puts him a notch above the anonymous clowns of the KKK, who largely hide beneath their robes.

historymike said...

Anonymous #2:

For every AmRen or other racist article you post I can find 10 more that debunk those findings.

The bottom line: IQ tests have cultural and class-based biases built into them, and works best at testing affluent whites.

The only thing an IQ test measures is a person's ability to take that particular test.

You could take poor whites from Appalachia and poor blacks from Detroit and get similar results.

Do you really think that a poor urban black child and an affluent suburban white child have had an equal playing field in the years of education they each had prior to taking the test?

PS - if there is anyone who is ignorant, it would be someone whose reading is limited to slop like AmRen.

historymike said...

The Confederate flag stood for the support of slavery.

Anyone who argues that it was really about states' rights ignores the fact that the only "right" that was being contested was the "right" to own slaves.

For grins, read the Confederate Constitution and compare it with the US Constitution.

Note that the documents are very similar with the exception of the issue of slavery.

Anonymous said...

Shut up you liberal puke and race traitor!

Dariush said...

Okay, taking all bets here.

I got 3-to-1 odds that anonymous #2 was also one of the anonymous posters who was fiercely defending American Idol in the other thread.

Dariush said...

At a separate news conference Tuesday promoting the march, which will call for people of all races and religions to "rise above their symbols," Farrakhan said the Confederate flag was an integral part of American history and removing it from public places doesn't cure the country of racial problems.

"The people of the South are bigger than the Confederate flag," Farrakhan said. "But the Confederate flag is a part of the history of the South." The Confederate flag represents the "America of yesterday," he said.

"If we are upset as black people they're flying the Confederate flag, you should be upset about flying the American flag," Farrakhan said. "Because all the hell (that slaves) caught, we got on the next flag."

-- Associated Press, July 18, 2000

And P.S. -- Calhoun really was one of the finest American essayists, his support for slavery, which hardly made him unique at that period in time, aside.

historymike said...

Anonymous # (historymike counts: "1-2-3") 3:

1. "Liberal puke?" Hardly. My views defy simplistic chategorization. On some issues I am left of center, while on others I could be called a libertarian. Of course, I suspect that you are just a drive-by poster who will never read this.

2. "Race traitor": Hmmm...I am not sure what "race" to which I belong, or what "race" means to you. If by "race" you mean some fictitious Aryan nonsense, then I probably am a traitor. However, as someone with a rather blended ethnic heritage, I could easily pass as a member of a wide variety of ethnic personalities. My brother insists that I look like a Pakistani emigrant when my summer tan kicks in.

But have a nice multicultural day anyway, Anonymous #3.

historymike said...

Could well be, Dariush, although the posts each draw a certain type of poster when they get picked up by Technorati or Blogger search engines.

Agreed that Calhoun was a brilliant, if slavery-loving, politician.

And Farrakhan was right that feel-good acts like removing the Confederate flag accomplish little in the short run.

I saw Farrakhan speak in the 1980s in Detroit when I worked at Joe Louis Arena. He is a fiery orator and a skilled debater. I think he is a bit too fixated on Jewish conspiracies, but his ideas on promoting black self-sufficiency and building stronger black communities have merit.

I have always suspected that Farrakhan views his role as being the sort of extremist who can drive discourse in a particular direction, rather than as that of a true revolutionary.

Lisa Renee said...

Why are you ashamed of your race?

What makes this anonymous person assume that you are even white?

(Lisa runs from blog)


historymike said...

Yeah - I could have had white skin grafts on my hands for the blog photo.

I kind of liked being an honorary Jew when the Nazis used to troll here; they came up with the moniker of "HistoryKike" as an insult, but stopped calling me that after I called myself a "proud member of the Jewish-communist media conspiracy" on my header.

Lisa Renee said...

You could have been using that photo to try to pawn yourself off as a white guy.


-Sepp said...

"Doesn't he realize that he waves the flag of a defeated ideology, which didn't survive the test of time?"

maf, socialism and communism are also a good examples whats keeping you back?

HM, this guy and the Ward churchills and bennishs' out there are great examples of why teachers should have some kind of background checks made.

Anonymous said...

Will you be laughing in 20 years when there are no more white people?

The Stevo in H-Town said...

"...But the Confederate flag is a part of the history of the South." The Confederate flag represents the "AMERICA OF YESTERDAY," he said..."

I duz slavery...

liberal_dem said...

It is to be noted that 'he taught in a Catholic school.'

The rise in attendance at Catholic [and other church-run schools] in the South directly corresponds to the Supreme Court decisions which forced integration of southern schools.

Although overt racism displayed by this guy is clearly over the top, my gut tells me that the [mostly] white children who attend these parochial schools have been sent there to side-step the integration laws.

Brian said...

I see a lot of support for this guy losing his job for his distasteful views.

What about all those anti-American liberals spewing their hatred of all that is red, white, and blue, at young children in the public schools.

Should they be fired for THEIR distasteful views?

Mrs. Phoenix said...

White supremacists look so IGNORANT in their attemptes to link their ideology with Minister Farrakhan. Plus, it is very easy to clip and paste quotes without context to match one's twisted thinking. Check out and for recent webcasted speeches from Minister Farrakhan, in FULL context.

historymike said...

Peronally I would not object to people with extremist views teaching, so long as they did not bring such views into classrooms with minors.

With Ward Churchill, who was teaching at the college level, I support his right to academic freedom (even though I think he took a cheap shot at 9/11 victims).

I have objections also to the idea that white supremacist drivel is a "political" view. Is it "political" to want at least some of your students to be deported to Africa, sent to live on a plantation, or to be relocated to an all-black zone? At what point do the views of McCuen become so extreme as to make him unfit for work as a teacher?

It seems hard to reconcile McCuen's belief that blacks are inferior with his duty to teach children who may be of African descent.

At some point I would think that his anti-black beliefs would interfere with his role as teacher.

He actually could, however, serve a useful purpose, and that is to underscore the reality that there is a whole lot of racist ignorance bubbling just under the surface.

Perhaps allowing him to spew his racist venom might be educational in itself. Nothing bands people together better than the presence of a common danger.

Hooda Thunkit said...

Ah yes, Winston McCuen, where to start with this Neanderthal…

”…uncivilized [black] race by a superior and civilized [white] race.”

Sigh… Why does this kind of crap out of an obvious throwback even merit any press?

Never mind, I found the clue that I was looking for, “press...”

”McCuen deserves a little time of his own.”

Yes he does. I’m thinking on Neptune or maybe Pluto; I hear it’s nice on either, this time of year ;-)

(Certainly not in the limelight, he's already gotten way too much of that which he craves, attention.)

Mike, are you drawn to these kinds of stories, or are they drawn to you?

Maybe it is a certain morbid fascination that brings you and these stories together, I often wonder about that ;-)

Calico Jack said...

Nothing bands people together better than the presence of a common danger.

I'm not so sure about that. Case in point, put twelve people in a room and tell them that they have one hour to elect a leader, and you'd be surprised at how often the group comes back leaderless and divided. You can be sure about one thing though; The same group, whether they elect a leader or not, will have decided on one member to hate every single time.

Racism and discrimination still exist in the US, but things have gotten noticeably better over the last 40 years. My only complaint is being accused of racism every time I make a negative comment about any individual who happens to belong to a racial minority.

Anchorage Activist said...

Calico Jack wrote: "Racism and discrimination still exist in the US, but things have gotten noticeably better over the last 40 years. My only complaint is being accused of racism every time I make a negative comment about any individual who happens to belong to a racial minority."

Precisely. It's the failure of minorities to show more gratitude for the progress made that empowers the white nationalist movement. If we are to be considered racist by minorities regardless of what we do or say, what incentive have we not to be racist? One might respond with the term "moral responsibility", but at some point, "moral responsibility" simply runs out of steam; there has to be something more tangible in it for us.

Meanwhile, according to Bill White on his Overthrow88 blog, the NSM has surged to 82 units in 37 states.

Dariush said...

Mrs. Phoenix: "White supremacists look so IGNORANT in their attemptes to link their ideology with Minister Farrakhan."

Umm... I'm not a white supremacist. That was quite a leap on your part. You should, at the very least, read more than one post by someone before labelling them.

Brian said...

I think white supremicist teachings are drivel too. I think the guy ought to be fired.

But I think those who teach in public schools who spew their hatred of America ought to be fired too. One kind of hatred should not be acceptable while another is not.

I support academic freedom at the college level. I always thought that leftist professors were fun. UT's history and political science departments have many lefties and I enjoyed their classes because they supported free flowing debate.

The UT College of Education is a different story, however and I told them to never contact me again to solicit funding. As an alumnus of that school, I try to steer people away from it.

Dariush said...

Brian: "What about all those anti-American liberals spewing their hatred of all that is red, white, and blue, at young children in the public schools."

Generally, especially nowadays, when people speak of "anti-Americanism", what they actually mean is criticism of the government or its actions.

High school kids are not little babies and deserve better than being mollycoddled, mentally and emotionally, and having teachers whose social and political viewpoints have been preapproved by David Horowitz and his hit squad.

A transcription of the Bennish tape is available here.

Some bang on commentary about Bennish and the tape at the following links:

--Big Brother's Youth League Snoops Colorado Teacher

--Horowitz Jumps on Bash Bennish Bandwagon

--Bennish Receives Customary Death Threats

Brian said...

When I think of anti-Americanism, I think of those who claim that America got what it deserved on 9/11 because it did not build enough day care centers in Afghanistan.

While such a statement should disqualify you from teaching, it makes you imminently qualified to be Senator from the state of Washington.

-Sepp said...

Mrs Phoenix, I have listened to tapes of Farrakhan's speaches via a friend of mine in the Army who was a big fan of his. It's divisive and racist blather. The guy is simply the carbon negative of David Duke and nothing more.

Mrs. Phoenix said...

sepp, how you could call any of Min. Farrakhan's speeches "divisive and racist blather" is beyond me. In fact, in celebration of Mother's Day, I just finished reading an article he wrote on the Value of the Female. Check it out, and kindly tell me what is "divisive and racist" about THAT.

Anonymous said...

I find Mr McCuen to be very refreshing. Slavery was biblically correct just 150 years ago. But who wants to be a slave. I don't want to be a slave either, to any of the minorities. White man should have the priviledge and right to champion and support his own people, too. I consider 'skin color' not to be the 'important factor' in race, it's more likely in the face and the head, and behavior, and morals, and character, and basic worth. The Confederate flag is beautiful and should be displayed anywhere. I happen to find the average black face unpleasant to look at, and the behavior of the average black to be distinctly 'inferior'. These views may seem to be 'excessive', but they're honest, I'm afraid..


American PhD X said...

I am mortified and saddened that Emory University granted McCuen a doctoral degree in history, primarily because I spent over a decade at the same institution earning a similar degree. I wish to make it clear to all that McCuen's myopic lack of insight, understanding and empathy are wildly contradictory to the entire ethos of education in general, and graduate education at Emory University, in particular. I am ashamed, in fact, to know McCuen. I once thought better of him. How very sad that his horizons have diminished to those of such outmoded picayunish solipsism; as George Carlin has wisely observed, "If Jesus were to come back today, He would never stop throwing up."

whatever said...
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whatever said...
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whatever said...
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whatever said...
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whatever said...

It's always funny when someone points you to a white supremist site to prove that blacks are inferior.

The fact simply is that some of the most prejudice states in the US are often times the ones highest in illiteracy and STD's and the ones in the worst finacial conditions. Racism is an ignorant pathetic notion like religion used to assage the feelings of inadequacy among the poor and weak minded because color that matters in this world is green, and yet broke, silly people, can sit contently in their own excriment as long as they feel they are better than someone else. It's sick, sad and a tad bit funny.

If it is so important that a white person truly believes that he is some how gentically superior to me, to make him feel better about himself, then by all means do so. However it doesn't change that fact that all societies and ethnic groups have proven themselves at times to be incapable of acting "civilized." And yet no one really knows how to determine what group of actions should be called civilized. After all blacks were able to make up majority of the population in the pre and post slavery south, and with as badly as they were treated they manage not rise up together and smite their antagonizers. Especially when they were often times allowed full access to their homes and food. In the studies that i've read defending the " blacks are inferior and violent" ideology often times quote the current violent and criminal actions occuring in post colonial Africa and desegregated South Africa. However nothing is stated about the complete and utter choas and senseless violence that occured in Eastern Europe after the fall communism between the muslims and the white slavics. Neither is the behavior and european colonal audacity in which land was claimed in the name of a European monarch when there were already a large group of individuals living there and then subsiquention exterminating them, nor does it mention the poor treatment of the British toward the Irish and the scottish, or Hitler toward the Jews and other supposid subhuman groups. All of these are proven acts of nonsensical violent behavior and yet some how blacks are more violent? Nobel, whom the world Peace prize was named after, claimed that he thought by him creating dynamite there would be peace because people would be scared by the distructive force. A. Just that He thought this, and B. people went along with philosophy enough to name an award after him. Shows that even when comes to supposed a peaceful nature of whites in comparison to blacks shows that they are more than a little morally warped also.
THe truth simply is that different forms of government work for different groups of people and yet and who is to say what types of goverment or behavior is the product of higher thinking. Simply put when you oppress, degrade, exploit, and undereducate groups of people you are asking for a problem. History proves this when looking at various underpaid, undereducated groups of people of all ethic groups that live in poor a squalid enviroments as it happened many times in American History. As long white southerns continue to hang on to a crumbling petty belief system, the south will always be poor, ignorant, and backwards. when you up hold abelief that silly you loose your state's bigest, your children. both black and whites children who are smart enough to make any important changes and that would make effective leaders choose to leave these states instead of putting up with the ignorant good old boys menatality that have left these states in a stagnated, merky pool of barely educated whites who still can't believe that they lost a war that been over for 100+ years. It's pretty damn sad when the only viable way for your state to actually make money is for it to act as chemical dump for the rest of the country.

I am not all shocked by Mr McCuen and neither should any other black south carolina's, lots of white's feel this way and are just not as verbal about it. But what appauls me is that a person who has received a doctorate of philosopy in anything can actually hold on to such arcane beliefs especially after studying history. HOwever it does show why people with his belief system should not teach, because no matter how far a person is removed from an idology they've learned in the earliest parts of their lives more than likely they will come back to it often with renewed fervor because the feel they have found some evidence to prove their belief system. And yet when their proof is closely examined, it falls short. How can you compare the IQ test scores of blacks in scholastically disadvantage school districts to those of their white counterparts. After all schools maybe desegrated on the books, but I can personally vouche for the lack of funding and advance educational options offered to majority black schools vs majority white ones in the same district in the state of SC. Even more laughable was a study done on South African blacks in comparison to White and colored south Africans. In which people who consider themselves researches state that the whites and colored in south africa were more intelligent based on IQ scoring. Instead of using racially mixed developed countries such as England or France, these mental giants quote testing on a society that has treated three separtate groups of people from birth markedly different, as though nutritian, enviroment, and better schooling have nothing to do with brain development and IQ.

That saddest part of our society is that we don't tell people when they sound and are acting like idiots. Truthly because we don't give crap, it is people's right to be as ignorant as they want. But sometimes you just want to say screw politics and tact and tell people "that the dumbest $hit i've ever heard, sit you a$$ and shut the he** up. Your mother should have smothered you as an infant now could you sit down you waste of air and space. McCuen truly displayed is mental prowless and lack of imagination when he tell's ancherman Berry at WTLX that people are not equal because humans don't have the same abilities. when a quick lesson in math would have taught him 5+5, 7+3, 8+2, 10+0 all while having different values all equal 10. One could infer that while all humans are not the same and have different qulities they can still be equal. How a man with a Ph.D. hasn't moved beyond a pre school age cognative notion that just because the level of water in a beaker is lower than that of the graduated cylinder it contains less water even shown other wise, is mind numbing.

" Violence and certain behaviors are human conditions, and I don't have took like Angelina Jolie in order for me to realize how important the proper education of all children is fundemental in turning them into quality, productive human beings. But I guess it's cheaper and easier to be a biggot than to acutally spend the money and resources to make sure all children are educated so that they do become productive members of society. But then who would you have to feel superior towards?

American PhD X said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly, and if I could, I would revoke McCuen's degree and slap his sorry a$$ in jail, where maybe, just maybe, he might figure out that not only is he not the man he thinks he is, but that he doesn't deserve to be considered a man at all. He is, as you observe, mentally arrested at a level barely above that of an infant; perhaps he ought to be diapered, bottle fed and raised one more time. I'd love to see him get out of my mother's house alive; she'd have paddled his butt until he couldn't walk, let alone make it to school. He'd still be sitting in front of her t.v. playing with tinker-toys and yearning for the day when he might know enough words in the English language to challenge the family pets to a game of Scrabble that he would, inevitably, lose. What an enormous and sad waste of a life. Again, please take some solace in knowing that he is freakishly atypical and that everyone else I know who attended Emory would most certainly agree with you; in fact, the internet is buzzingly alive with dozens of thoroughly appalled Emory graduates who are all, like me, saddened and ashamed to possess diplomas that bear the imprimature of the same institution as does McCuen's.

whatever said...
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whatever said...

Actually Anonymous while the bible may condon servitude for prisoners of war, and to pay off dept. Exodus 21 has some very explicit instructions that White American slavery violated which was p robably the main reason blacks weren't allowed to read. Number one you were not allowed to seperate family's. If a man worked his aloted number of years and was married his wife and children were to leave with him. Number two slave masters were not allowed to mistreat or abuse there slaves. If they did so, and killed their slave they were to be put to death. And here's my favorite...Any one who sells another man was to be put to death. Yes there has always been slavery, but the fact is the instution of slavery in america took the cake because it literally dehumanized blacks much in the same way Hitler dehumanized Jews and other "inferior" races. Nothing about it was even remotely biblically, and luckily there will be a nice hot place in Hades for all those where were warped enough to inflict such treatment on their fellow human beings and then have the audacity to pretend that God backs that type of behavior. And don't go the Ham route and say that Noah cursed Cannan there for blacks there for had to serve whites, because drunk old men who are so smashed they are lying around Naked really don't have much room to judge or curse anyone.

Kate said...

I've developed a little trick lately - I just see baiting and remember that user name (pretty safe to put the anonymous poster right in with anonymous sheet wearer IMO) so I scroll past and smile :-)

I would like to get my hands on this racist for a short time - I've got an attitude adjustment in my mind for him - me and my big dog. I could fix that problem right up - heheheeee :-)