May 3, 2006

True Love? Man, 33, Marries Woman, 104

(Malyasia) A 33-year-old Malaysian man and a 104-year-old woman who married several months ago believe that it was "God's will" that they met.

"It may seem strange to those who don't understand us but I have found peace since we got married two months ago," said groom Muhammad Noor Che Musa in the Malay-language Harian Metro.

Muhammad was once a lodger in the house of Wook Kundor. He said that his motives were pure in the marriage.

"I know society is cynical but I didn't marry Wook for her money. She is poor," he said. "Her only asset is her deep religious knowledge. Through her, I can deepen my knowledge of the religion."

Despite the 71-year age difference and her own advancing years, Wook remains optimistic toward the future of the relationship.

"I hope this marriage will last," she said. "I ask that people view our marriage in a positive light as we have not done anything that is forbidden by God."

There is no word if the couple maintained a gift registry, or where they honeymooned.


Anonymous said...

I have now seen it all, and I wish I hadn't.

historymike said...

I confess an addiction to weird news. My theory is that we can learn as much about humanity by studying the fringes as we can the middle.

And this tale is definitely on the fringes.

Hooda Thunkit said...

Fringes (and, maybe tassles)???

Fudge, now, I've got this picture in my head and it isn't pretty.

Darn you Mike :-)

-Sepp said...

She's hott! Some guys get all the breaks.

Kurt said...

I wonder if they comsummated the marriage.

Hooda Thunkit said...

I heard that she said that she was doing it just for the sex :-)

(not really, but I just couldn't resist)