May 31, 2006

US Troops Shoot Pregnant Iraqi Woman

Left: Iraqi woman mourning her dead relatives; photo courtesy of AP

(Samarra, Iraq) In what will likely become another embarassing moment for the US military, American troops shot at a car that failed to stop at an observation post in a city north of Baghdad, killing two Iraqi women.

One of the women was reportedly pregnant and on her way to a Baghdad hospital.

Shots were fired to disable the vehicle," said military officials in a statement to The Associated Press. "Coalition forces later received reports from Iraqi police that two women had died from gunshot wounds ... and one of the females may have been pregnant."

The US military said that the car had entered a "clearly marked prohibited area" near an observation post.

Khalid Nisaif Jassim, brother of the pregnant woman, said American troops had blocked off the side road just two weeks ago, and that news about the checkpoint had been slow to reach rural areas.

The shooting incident comes on the heels of news reports about an alleged massacre in the town of Haditha last November, in which US Marines may have killed 23 unarmed civilians in retaliation for the death of a fellow soldier, Lance Corporal Miguel Terrazas.



liberal_dem said...

I found it interesting that Bush made a statement about the Marine massacre. He said "he was troubled by allegations that U.S. Marines had killed unarmed Iraqi civilians ."


Now there is a bland word to use to describe his feelings.


But then, this from a guy who never saw combat and probably weasled out of his National Guard duties.


historymike said...

If I were President, I would use the words "sickened" or "horrified" to describe Haditha.

Then again, his advisors are probably telling him to keep his remarks low-key in an attempt to contain the PR damage.

Not sure that's a wise policy...

Hooda Thunkit said...

This another of those "unfortunate" incidents that war brings.

However, just think of the ruckus if the car were not stopped and it turned out to be another car bomb...

We're damned either way. . .

Don said...

Let's hope that this incident, so close on the heels of the Haditha story breaking, does not lead to more violence between Iraqis and U.S. troops.

With death squads operating out of Iraq's Ministry of the Interior, there's more than enough instability and mistrust over there.

I fear that we're one flashpoint away from a sharp increase in violence in Iraq.

Michael said...

I've not read enough on what happen in Haditha to really comment. I'm not excusing what happened if what happen was intentional, careless, ruthless and just plain evil.

That said, it's good for another perspective -- outside the mainstream media. I periodically read some military blogs (milblogs), and one of the authors of also writes for the Madison (Wis.) newspaper. Here's his comments on what could happen in a situation like that:

(The URL is shorten, but still good.)

It's just another take on what combat soliders go through.

Kate said...

I wouldn't be too hasty. First until the Halithat allegations are confirmed - the President is not in a position to levy charges against the military.

I think they will be confirmed and I think those that participated will be prosecuted. IF confirmed to a reasonable degree I hope they make big examples of them. I know of stories from Nam and Korea from vets who saw incidents firsthand. This kind of s*&t cannot be tolerated.

And I feel so bad for those women. Having made some screaming runs to the maternity ward myself - I can see how they may have gotten to a place they shouldn't be. In a war zone.

Dariush said...

Dennis Perrin wrote this yesterday, before knowledge of this particular incident became news. But it's very appropriate, nonetheless.

"It's somewhat understandable that those so invested in their military identities want to avoid thinking the worst about Haditha, but that doesn't excuse it. After all, this isn't the first -- and sure as hell won't be the last -- massacre of civilians at the hands of US soldiers and Marines in our glorious history. And yet whenever something like this occurs, domestic commentators appear perplexed that young Americans could do such horrific things, while both professional and amateur patriots either deny it, change the subject to "What about the beheaders?", or, if cornered, take pride in mass murder and warn people they'll never meet to not "mess with the US." Meanwhile, the mass of the population go about their debt-ridden lives, doing their best to avoid direct mention of the barbarism and misery that they pay for, wanting merely to be left alone to consume fast food and reality TV, and pretend that none of this really matters. Because if it did, what National Guard remains stateside would be on 24-hour guard outside the White House gates to keep angry, disgusted citizens from rushing it, and local representatives would be holed up in their offices, waving tattered white flags out of broken windows. Jefferson would understand, as would Grant, Twain, Emma Goldman and Malcolm X. But who in this land of endless strip malls would understand them?"

historymike said...


That Perrin piece is very Hunter S. Thompson-esque, and dead on target. Thanks for the link.

Wolf said...

Thanks for your vast support of the military you left wing fuck. 99.9% of cars that run checkpoints are car bombs; still think this is a "stupid blunder"?

historymike said...

Wolf, master of hyperbole.

Thanks for the drive-by, and have a nice day.

Kate said...

there are more allegations. I hope that there is an investigation of each one.

I also read an article that with the loosening of entrance requirements they're seeing some gang activity in the troops in Iraq. Graffiti etc. They need to weed that out.

It makes the troops who are there to serve look bad. Get the criminal element away from our soldiers.

There's proof coming - then we'd better hear sickened out of the President.