May 26, 2006

Very Cool Website on Historical World Rulers

Left: St. Edward's crown, worn by British monarchs

True, I am a history geek, and I am working toward my PhD in European Expansion.

But how cool is a website that lists every known ruler and head of state, plus other figures like popes, patriarchs, and archbishops?

Way cool, in my opinion. Check out for all of those useless bits of trivia that win bar bets and keep doctoral students on their toes.

The site also provides month-by-month summaries of important world events.

A hat tip to Miland at World History Blog for this reference source. He adds that he has found a few missing pieces of information, such as the monarchs of the 19th-century Hawaiian Kingdom, but I was unable to find any factual errors in my hour of perusal.


Dariush said...

"True, I am a history geek..."

Yeah, you and me both. In 1979, just before we moved here I compiled lists of all English monarchs (going back a little further than Alfred, Ethelred, Ethelwulf, etc.), all Iranian/Persian kings and emperors going back to the beginning of the Achaemenid dynasty and the Medes, as well as all U.S. presidents. I was such a geek that I could recite from memory the name of every president and the years which they held the office.

Hooda Thunkit said...

I was simply amazed at the sheer numbers of the various flavors in the "Catholics Church" alone.

Most of these (Catholic "flavors"), I had never even heard of.

The religions and religious leaders alone is staggering.