Jun 5, 2006

Canadian Security Forces Arrest 17 in Terror Plot

Left: Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair at a Toronto mosque; photo courtesy of Canadian Press / Lucas Oleniuk

(Toronto) Seventeen suspects accused of amassing a cache of explosives to carry out an “al-Qaeda-inspired” bombing campaign in Canada will appear in court tomorrow.

The 12 men, who ranged in age from 19 to 43, were arrested Friday night in Toronto. Police said that they found three tons of ammonium nitrate and a mobile phone that had been modified to act as a detonator.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police delivered the potential bomb-making material to a group that allegedly wanted to launch a string of attacks on Canadian targets, including Parliament and the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS).

The Toronto Star has profiles of a number of the detained suspects.

The Calgary Sun is reporting that windows at a Toronto mosque were smashed yesterday in apparent retaliation for the plot. Canadian newspapers have characterized the names of the suspects as "Arabic-sounding" or "Islamic," and Canadian law only permits the government to identify the men as "citizens."



Anonymous said...

Scary stuff. Three tons of ammonium nitrate could blow up a lot of buildings.

Anonymous said...

Red X for a pic.

-Sepp said...

3 tons could reek havoc on a lot of things. I hope they get exactly the justice they deserve.

Hooda Thunkit said...

Congratulations to the RCMP!

It is always good to hear of other countries that are aware of the terrorist threat and are actively working to thwart it.